Paloma Aguilar

Paloma Aguilar - Big Brother 2022 (Season 24) cast member

Paloma Aguilar is an American home remodeler and reality TV star from San Marcos, California. She is a houseguest on Big Brother season 14 (US) in 2022.

Paloma Aguilar’s Biography

Name:Paloma Aguilar
Hometown:San Marcos, California
Current City:San Marcos, California
Occupation:Home remodeler

What’s the best advice you received before coming out to play?

So the best advice I’ve received before coming onto Big Brother is definitely for my dad.

My dad’s a psychologist, so I like to think I have a little bit of an edge in that aspect.

But he told me that I just need to sit back and listen instead of going in there and trying to own it.

I need to just sit back, listen to everyone, and observe.

What do you think people will perceive you as?

Initially, I think people will perceive me as maybe a little ditzy because I do tend to say stupid stuff a lot. (Laughs.)

But I think people won’t know that I do have a brain behind all of this.

What types of players would you least want in your alliance?

That’s a good question.

I don’t want people that are two-faced. That’s just absolutely a no.

Snakes are not allowed in the garden.

And I also wouldn’t want someone that is manipulative.

What’s something the other houseguests may dislike about you?

That’s a hard one.

I think other houseguests are probably not going to like the fact that I believe I’m well-rounded.

I could probably win comps.

I’m good at not revealing all of my emotions.

So I feel like people are gonna get irritated with not being able to read me.

On eviction night, would you rather flip the votes against the house to help your individual game, or go with the house to help your overall alliance?

I’m definitely a team player.

So I’d say I go with the overall house.

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