Big Brother Mzansi 2024 (Season 4) Voting Polls Results

Big Brother Mzansi 2024 Voting Poll Results Today


BBMzansi 2024: Who are your favorite MALE housemates?

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BBMzansi 2024: Who are your favorite FEMALE housemates?

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BBMzansi Season 4: Who are your Favorite housemates(s)?

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BBMzansi Season 4 Week 10 (Grand Finale) Voting Poll: Who Are You Voting?

  • McJunior (39%, 414 Votes)
  • Makhekhe (29%, 301 Votes)
  • Sinaye (14%, 152 Votes)
  • Zee (9%, 97 Votes)
  • Mpumi (6%, 59 Votes)
  • PapaGhost (3%, 27 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,030

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(The Polls below have been closed for voting, you can now only view their results)


BBMzansi Season 4 Week 9 Voting Poll: Who Are You Voting?

  • McJunior (28%, 310 Votes)
  • Sinaye (23%, 255 Votes)
  • Makhekhe (21%, 240 Votes)
  • Zee (18%, 207 Votes)
  • Mpumi (8%, 91 Votes)
  • Willy (1%, 16 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,060

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BBMzansi 2024 Week 8: Who Are You Voting?

  • Liema (36%, 899 Votes)
  • Sinaye (21%, 507 Votes)
  • Mpumi (19%, 460 Votes)
  • Zee (18%, 455 Votes)
  • Young Pappi (3%, 77 Votes)
  • Willy (3%, 74 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,371

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BBMzansi 2024 Week 7: Who Are You Voting?

  • Yolanda (28%, 580 Votes)
  • Liema (25%, 521 Votes)
  • McJunior (18%, 386 Votes)
  • Makhekhe (13%, 265 Votes)
  • Sinaye (10%, 205 Votes)
  • Lerato Modise (3%, 55 Votes)
  • Jareed (2%, 51 Votes)
  • Els (1%, 31 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,903

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BBMzansi 2024 Week 6: Who Are You Voting?

  • Liema (20%, 957 Votes)
  • Yolanda (18%, 847 Votes)
  • McJunior (18%, 836 Votes)
  • Zee (11%, 522 Votes)
  • Makhekhe (9%, 416 Votes)
  • Sinaye (6%, 299 Votes)
  • Mich (6%, 269 Votes)
  • PapaGhost (5%, 256 Votes)
  • Taki (3%, 121 Votes)
  • Chuenzaaa (2%, 89 Votes)
  • Meelay (2%, 85 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,962

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BBMzansi 2024 Week 4: Who Are You Voting?

  • Liema (33%, 619 Votes)
  • Yolanda (30%, 566 Votes)
  • Mich (14%, 256 Votes)
  • Lerato Modise (9%, 179 Votes)
  • PapaGhost (9%, 175 Votes)
  • Pale (5%, 90 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,679

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BBMzansi 2024 Week 3: Which Disruptor are you voting?

  • Neo (58%, 313 Votes)
  • Taki (32%, 172 Votes)
  • Fahima (10%, 52 Votes)

Total Voters: 512

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BBMzansi 2024 Week 2: Who Are You Voting?

  • Zee (35%, 377 Votes)
  • Mpumi (24%, 263 Votes)
  • Lerato Modise (15%, 161 Votes)
  • Sammy_M (13%, 142 Votes)
  • PapaGhost (13%, 137 Votes)

Total Voters: 987

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BBMzansi 2024 Week 1: Who Are You Voting?

  • Zee (12%, 14 Votes)
  • BravoB (11%, 13 Votes)
  • Yolanda (10%, 11 Votes)
  • Lerato Modise (9%, 10 Votes)
  • Liema (8%, 9 Votes)
  • Sinaye (6%, 7 Votes)
  • Makhekhe (6%, 7 Votes)
  • Jareed (5%, 6 Votes)
  • Chuenzaaa (5%, 6 Votes)
  • Willy (5%, 6 Votes)
  • Mpumi (4%, 5 Votes)
  • Pale (4%, 5 Votes)
  • Els (4%, 4 Votes)
  • Meelay (3%, 3 Votes)
  • Mali (2%, 2 Votes)
  • PapaGhost (2%, 2 Votes)
  • Young Pappi (2%, 2 Votes)
  • McJunior (2%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 65

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Big Brother Mzansi 2024 Housemates

BravoB . Chuenzaaa . Els . Fahima . Jareed . Lerato Modise . Liema . Makhekhe . Mali . McJunior . Meelay . Mich . Mpumi . Neo . Pale . PapaGhost . Sammy_M . Sinaye . Taki . Willy . Yolanda . Young Pappi . Zee


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324 Responses

  1. Neliswa says:

    I love new housemates naledi i love girl

  2. Colin Khoza says:

    Mpho an BU my best housemate.i love you guys alot not forgetting Gash1

    • Rhoda Mahabir says:

      Housemates should stop discriminating against Mpho. Biggie needs to stop this type of bullying in his house.These housemates in BBM get away with alot.BBN is way more entertaining.



  4. George says:

    Don’t understand only over1 wager now Dinky all of a sadden wager love bocoz of Dinky, did she did the presentation alone

  5. Thandeka says:

    Yoh I didn’t expect Norman to be at the bottom like I thought his strategy was working

  6. HlogiMaponya says:

    I love how honest Ne was with big brother, they girls played her for a fool but glad that taught you something

  7. Max says:

    Naledi is killing it…cute come and emotionally collected😘

  8. Mpume says:

    Loving BBM 2022 and the housemates. I have my favorites but still keeping my cards to the chest for now#LoveBBM2022

  9. Ivonne lakaje says:

    They lost because of a sudden change Dinky made

  10. Manase says:

    They lost wager because of changes

  11. Bongy says:

    I love Themba’s personality and I’m voting for him till the end.

  12. Bongy says:

    Oh my girl Venus!keep playing your game baby

  13. Riita says:

    Naledi I love you

  14. Riita says:

    #team Nale

  15. Keitumetse Moeng says:

    Team Nale and Tulz

  16. Thandiwe says:

    Gash1 has no casual clothes or I always catch him on his church clothes bathong ka Monday le nama kwayikwayi

  17. King Sibuh says:

    What Themba did, shall come back multipled gashers let’s raise and rally behind Gash. #BBMzansi

  18. King Sibuh says:

    Be strong Mvelo, Mpho and Gash1. Life sucks hei but anyway one has to go home, you clearly gave too much.

  19. Nomzamo says:

    Mvelo and Venus can go they don’t add much to the game, Mpho and Themba are my favs oh! and also Nale

  20. norah madiba says:

    mpho beautiful and nice English we love you mphoza

  21. Noss.Mvelase says:

    Gashers gotta push .I don’t want Gash1 in second place, please!

  22. Boitumelo says:

    Terry is scared of mpho…mpho ha robatse batho

  23. Ntombi says:

    My favorite housemate is Mphow & Lebo!!!!!😍😍

  24. Star says:

    I hope they win their wager this time

  25. Phindile Zikalala says:

    Thembanator all the way,Themba till last day

  26. Phindile Zikalala says:

    I also like Vyno

  27. Edith Vries says:

    I love to save Venus and BU

    • Ntonto says:

      Terry doesn’t like imgodi, the girl is pure heartedly yaz n a hard worker too. Mpho is jst full of herself, n jealous about other girls njr

    • Jewel says:

      Tulz the most wanted HM sailing to finale

  28. Malindz says:

    My girl MphowaBadimo always ready for action, lovable and great character

  29. Malindz says:

    Mara Mpho is my fave

  30. fentse says:

    Terry all the way

  31. Phindile Zikalala says:

    Big brother I’m saying Themba

  32. Phindi says:

    Thembanator,till last day

  33. Phumzile Mbatha says:

    Themba is the one because he is so true and a straight talker.

  34. Manqoba says:

    Nale nale nale

  35. Manqoba says:


  36. gift says:

    libo u are boss

  37. Margaret says:

    I would like to save Mphowabadimo… Nale must go

  38. catherine says:

    i want to see nale busy in the kitchen

  39. Maoeng says:

    MphoWaBadimo for Money

  40. Fundiswa says:

    I’m saving sis Tamara #bbmzansiLibo

  41. Fundiswa says:

    Good day Libo my King . Keep on playing your game to me you will never go wrong. #bbmzansiLibo

  42. Fundiswa says:

    Libo. Libo… Libo.,. Libo….Libo #bbmzansi

  43. Fundiswa says:

    Hahahahaha… stop it Libo you can’t dance, but I like it

  44. Fundiswa says:

    Badlala upuca, uThemba hahaha akasamqhathi uLibo

  45. Team Nale says:

    Voting for Nale all the way

  46. Makie says:

    Nale and Thabi must go this week

  47. Kgomotso says:

    I vote for Terry Terry Terry all the way love u gul

  48. Selaelo Padi says:

    My vote goes to my Limpopo girl Nthabii

  49. Selaelo Padi says:

    Nthabii all de way

  50. namhla-mpofu says:

    Nthabii must go, uyabora shem

  51. Thempela says:

    Vote Gash1 ❤️

  52. Ruth says:

    Am voting Mpho wa badimo

  53. Hlezi says:

    Wow Wow Wow,what a great performance.its really touching.

  54. Sindy says:

    Sis Tamara all the way

  55. Sindy says:

    Thatoooo saved

  56. Nomsa Mapuma says:

    I’m saving Gash1

  57. Noma Silas says:

    I’m saving Mphowabadimo

  58. Makie says:

    My favorite sis T and Libo

  59. Elsie says:

    Saving mpho

  60. thandi says:

    My favorites Mphowabadimo no sisTamara

  61. Olwethu Lothe says:

    I’m saving Mpho, Gash1 and Thato

  62. Thandokazi Ndaba says:

    Ntabi was suppose to check out a long time ago.

  63. Sima cape says:

    Lets vote Themba no meta wat…he is naughty but loveable,cute,honest and have a good heart.

  64. Nosi says:

    Nosiphosenkosi Mpho love love

  65. Nosi says:

    Love you Mpho

  66. L.T aka Soso says:

    Terry and Mpho

  67. Riana says:

    Terry Terry Terry all the way, keep pushing MOGAL, so active n hard working, always cheerful 🤗🤗

  68. Reina del sur says:

    i love Gato they remind me of naija couple who made it to top 5 let save them pls

  69. Nomsa Mapuma says:

    I’m saving Gash1 he is honest on the game

  70. Dikeledi says:

    I’m voting Mphowabadimo

  71. Sindy says:

    Love yu Nalllllle m voting for yu

  72. Sindy says:

    Nalllllle all the way

  73. Sbongile says:

    I like Mphowabadimo the unshakeable to win the 2million

  74. Nomsa Mapuma says:

    All the way Gash1 for 2 million

  75. Lesego says:

    All the way Gash1. Goid personality.

  76. Johanna says:

    I saved Gash, smart guy that one

  77. Johanna says:

    I wouldn’t mind if Gash1, Themba or Mphowabadimo takes the 2milllion #BBMzanzi2022

  78. seipati molefe says:

    Mphowabadimo you go girl….mpho for the 2million

  79. L.T aka Soso says:


  80. GN says:

    Venus is a lady and a half

  81. Sasa Manye says:

    Let’s save the planet Venus hle there is more coming from her n I wana see

  82. Busisiwe mnguni says:


  83. Bonolo says:

    My love for Naledi is the best

  84. Opelo Radimo pastyman7 says:

    mphowabadimo for the money libo plis leave our mpho alone

  85. Lebeko sithole says:

    hehe Libo seeing Themba as a weakest link can we tell him tht he is facing a panther

  86. Rose says:

    #Thash1 for me….batho ba peinelwa

  87. Rose says:

    #Gash1 and Thato..

  88. Rose says:

    Libo le peinelwa ..sis

  89. lady bug says:


  90. Rose says:

    Faku gas …gusheshe..gusheshe…Thatooo ..we got u guys #Gash1 #Thato

  91. Rose says:

    Thatooo and Gash1…all de way #Gash1 #Thato

  92. Rose says:

    Aowa biggie…Libo o tshamekela mo thoka Thash1 …mo kobe

  93. Sindisiwe says:


  94. Lerato says:

    Save Gash1

  95. Lillian says:

    Saving Gash 1

  96. Rose says:

    We’re asking for a picnic …tomorrow please #Gash1 #Thato =Thash1…Gabashweee

  97. Rose says:

    Saving my couple…#Gash1 #Thato….skaba hemisa….

  98. Rose says:

    #thatooo…ba bolaye ka bopila…….#voting for #Thato and Gash1

  99. Grace says:


  100. Rose says:

    Saving…#Thato and #Gash1 =Thash1 all the way

  101. Kholeka says:

    Naleeee I love you baby I ‘ll vote for you untill Jesus comes,thou you r lazy.

  102. Rose says:

    Malome tulusu le Libo ….dipelo di a baba.#Thash1

  103. Rose says:

    Terry o rata attention…yoooo…#Thash1

  104. Rose says:

    Nd to be loud doesn’t mean that you are always right… wena wa bora #Gato1

  105. Rose says:

    It is because Terry found fake love at bigbrother ga a batle other people to find love and to be happy..#Thash1

  106. Monica says:

    Venus must go home she don’t have a game she is desperate for a man

  107. Monica says:

    Gash1and Thato all the way to the finale

  108. Monica says:

    Terry aka Gugu she is jealous of gash1 and Thato relationship

  109. Rose says:

    Thatooo..motho wa gago ke motho wa gago maan don’t care who says what…….love Thash1

  110. Rose says:

    Thatooo and mpho looking good always..#Thash1

  111. Rose says:

    Thash1…will rock uuuuu …..#Thash1 we are so loving you guys

  112. Rose says:

    Thash1..cute couple…now in our screens #Gash1..#Thato =love

  113. Kholeka says:

    Nale we love you we’ll vote for u Neli untill Jesus come

  114. Kholeka says:

    Nale we love u Queen only u r lazy

  115. Matladi says:

    Themba is a foolish kiss and tell man. I don’t like how he discusses how he kissed the girls. Idiot.

  116. Matladi says:

    It’s Monday, HOH challenge is about to start and Tulz Madala is wearing THE jersey. Mokgwa o teng.

  117. Rose says:

    Morning…..biggie and my lovely couple #Thash1…all the way..I can watch you all day long..I won’t be bored …love you guys

  118. Rose says:

    Guys let’s pray for Thato to win the veto power #Team Gash1 #Team Thato

  119. Rose says:

    Nah I can’t talk to people like Terry..#Mrs knows it all..#Thash1

  120. Rose says:

    You want a boyfriend for Terry….tulz is there..don’t touch our Thash1 #Gash1 Thato

  121. Rose says:

    That’s de truth they haven’t found love..If they have they wouldn’t speak like is blind can see but u can’t see yooooo#Gash1 #Thatoooo

  122. Rose says:

    Hai maan lerato le monate…love..tik….communication…tik…bopila..tik…brains..tik…jealousy down people…they are down to earth..wish you luck in everything #Thash1

  123. Rose says:

    Good one Thatooo stand up for yourself babygal don’t let de bully rule you mogal…..well done #Team Thato

  124. Rose says:

    I like friendship ya themba and mpho #Team Thash1

  125. Rose says:

    People that are saying Gash1 is not focused..they are haters of loooove..get love lala#baby Thato

  126. Rose says:

    I think Thato and Mpho are good story tellers#Thash1

  127. Rose says:

    Some people don’t why do you want Thato or Gash1 to…..they are complete together …Some people how are you!!!?

  128. Rose says:

    Well done Terry #team Thato

  129. Rose says:

    They were just singing..nothing more..nothing less #Thash1

  130. Rose says:

    Gash1 and amamill…same whatsapp group #Thash1

  131. Rose says:

    Voting for Gash1 everyday

  132. Rose says:

    Voting for Thato Gash1 all the way

  133. Rose says:

    #Thash1 we love you guys team #Gash1 #Team Thato

  134. Rose says:

    Gash1 is carrying the show they like talking about him..yooooh ##team Gash1

  135. Rose says:

    Themba ke snake…Gash1 never badmouth him yoooo….mara yena o mo gossipa ko manabeng…..yoooo such people #voting for Gash1 all de way.

  136. Rose says:

    Tulz don’t know that we loooove Gash1 #Gash1

  137. Rose says:

    Magesh just know gore ra go vrostana….#Thash1

  138. Liser m says:

    Biggy u r late with libo’s task u were supposed to do it last week for libo to takes vinus sandles

  139. Rose says:

    If u don’t love Thash1….then u are a love hater..#Thato #Gash1…looove u guys

  140. Rose says:

    Thato will figure out who took their belongings #Thato

  141. Rose says:

    About the jersey am fine but the blanket ,the shoes and Mpho ‘s doek … crying already #Thato #Gash1 =Thash1

  142. Maline says:

    Themba the king of house❤️
    Tash 1 am waiting for Gash 1 proposal 💍they are so cute together

  143. Marcia says:

    I can’t wait to see u Mpho ephethe I 2million yakhe

  144. Florence says:

    Themba aka 2meter

  145. Rose says:

    Cry….if you don’t love..Thash1..motho ga aitse o batlang mo bophelong…batho baratana o re ba bora ….jola wena re bone o ka se bore ….nna I enjoy seeing them together….everyday 💓💓💓💓💓💓

  146. Rose says:

    Thatoooo and Gash1 all the way, everyday

  147. Rose says:


  148. Rose says:

    #Team Gash1 and #Team Thato everyday….

  149. Rose says:

    Saving my couple #Thash1

  150. Rose says:

    #Gash1 and #Thato…Voting for you everyday

  151. Rose says:

    Voting for Thato and Gash1 all the way

  152. Kgodumo says:

    I like you Gash1

  153. Rose says:

    Saving my couple..#Gash1 and Thato =Thash1

  154. Thapelo says:

    Voting Gash1

  155. Lorraine says:

    Saving Gash and Thato

  156. Rose says:

    Morning Thash1 voting for you guys everyday

  157. Rose says:

    Saving my couple Thatooo and Gash1 all the way

  158. Kenie kaipa says:

    Gash 1

  159. Tshepiso Angela Molokele says:

    Team Gash and thato lets save our couple…. Libo and Tuts can not have it easy like this

  160. L.T aka Soso says:

    Im saving Sis Tamara ❤️

  161. L.T aka Soso says:

    Sis Tam Tam umXhosa wamu all the way…. Samthandi u giryl😘

  162. Mamowabi Rampeo says:

    Team Thato all the way

  163. Dunyiswa J Diamond says:

    I’m saving the Queen she is MphoWabodimo on point and always chilled come on guys lets keep our Queen in the game ……

  164. Dp says:

    i love u Mphoza

  165. Letlakwe says:

    Gash1 for 2 meter

  166. Si6 says:

    Why when I vote for thato the percentage goes down on poll-mzanzi

  167. Mamowabi Rampeo says:

    Thato Thato Thato for 2m

  168. Brigett says:

    Wabadimo for 2million✌️💯

  169. Samoel matlala says:

    Thanks chost for the content through the season, you’ve been nothing but a show… I wouldn’t have reach to this stage of the game if was not because of you. More blessings my chost🙏🙏

  170. Sisanda Ntuli says:

    .. Sisi Tamara we love you..

  171. Kate Maputla says:

    Mphowabadimo we are behind you all the way to the finals.

  172. msarzeni says:

    congrats mr 2million Themba Themba

  173. Rose says:

    Saving #Gash1 all the way

  174. Rose says:

    #Gash1 all the way 🤩🤩🤩

  175. Rose says:

    #thatooo all the way

  176. Mazet says:

    I’m behind you #the Underground gang let’s keep on voting

  177. Samoel Matlala says:

    Chost my chost

  178. Nonhlanhla says:

    Oh my Gashii hopefully we will see you to the finals 🥺

  179. kholi says:

    sis Tamara all the walking all the way to the finale

  180. Rose says:

    Saving #Thato

  181. Rose says:


  182. Rose says:

    Saving #Gash1

  183. Grace says:

    My girl Terry luv her so

  184. Sebenzile says:

    I’m voting for Gash1 😘😘 and we love you my baby you and Thato and pls Gash1 ngicela umulobole uThato.

  185. Sebenzile says:

    I love Mphowabadimo😍😘

  186. Rose says:

    Voting for Gash1 all the way and please Gashi ..don’t play my baby girl…if it’s a game tell her… you Thash1

  187. Rose says:

    Bigbrother …pls next time you choose contestants..bathonyana ba go tshwana le bo Terry ba go undermine some people don’t choose them…look how she is treating Gash1 ….no please evict her today…..#Gash1

  188. Rose says:

    Saving my couple..#Thash1

  189. Rose says:

    Love Gash1 and Thato 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  190. Rose says:

    #Gashhhhhhhh1…….#Thatoooooo=#Thash1… a levrostana thatathata ……mo skraala

  191. Rose says:

    Gusheshe gushesh lama Gash1 everyday you always makes us happy when we see….you in our screens ….hail our king #Gash1

  192. Rose says:

    Aka …Thato…aka…..Gash1 =##Thash1

  193. Rose says:

    #thatooo all the way ….we love you gal

  194. Rose says:

    Voooorrrrrrpha always #Gash1

  195. Rose says:

    Gashhhhhhhh1…Gashhhhhhhh1…Gashhhhhh1 you are safe

  196. Rose says:

    #Thatooo…you are safe mogal

  197. Rose says:

    Gash1 Gash1 Gash1 Gash1 Gash1 #Gash1 and Thato #Thash1

  198. Rose says:


  199. Rose says:


  200. Rose says:

    Thato Thato and Gash1

  201. Rose says:

    Be stress free we got you ….#Gash1

  202. Rose says:

    O save girl #Thato

  203. Hlezi says:

    Gash1 is disrespecting Big brother’s rules.He need to be punished.

  204. Rose says:

    #Gash1 Gash1 Gash1 Gash1 Gash1 Gash1 Gash1 Gash1 Gash1 Gash1 Gash1 Gash1 Gash1 Gash1 Gash1 Gash1 Gash1 Gash1 Gash1 Gash1 Gash1 Gash1 Gash1 Gash1 Gash1 Gash1 Gash1

  205. Rose says:

    Gash1 and Thato #Thash1 😍😍😍💗💗💝

  206. Rose says:

    Yes….Gash1 have to give you guys something to talk about…he is a content you were so bored when he was sleeping in the morning, you were even saying Gash1 must wake up….leave him alone #GASH1 #Thash1

  207. Itumeleng says:

    Gash1 all the way

  208. Patrick says:


  209. Naledi says:

    Saving Gash 1

  210. Poppy says:

    We vote for Gash 1

  211. Rose says:

    Gash1 lama Gash1 right behind you good luck ….Modimo ke yoo💓💓💓💓#Thash1

  212. Rose says:

    Thaaaatooooo 😍😍😍😍😍

  213. Rose says:

    Gash1 and Thato #Thash1

  214. Rose says:

    Bathong nare Gash1 o ganne Terry….yooh this gal hate Gash1 #Thash1

  215. Molly says:

    Voting Gash1

  216. Tshidiso says:

    Gash1 for 2M

  217. Rose says:

    Aowa …tlogelang Thash1…lona le winne …focus on your faves…everyday Gash1 this…Gash1 that….la bora… ge ele Terry yena come Sunday bye bye..#Gash1 #Thash1

  218. Rose says:

    Mara bigbrother how can you allow so much hatred in your house….aowa yoooooooo punish Libo, Mpho and tulz….noooo re lapile yooo #Thash1

  219. Kgomotso says:

    Terry Terry Terry treasure #BBMzansi

  220. Kgomotso says:

    Love u Terry my little sister #BBMzansi

  221. Rose says:

    Who will say Gash1 stole ribs toady I will through stones at them on tv…dimpya ke basimane ba EC… ba utswa .(pitbull le rex) today batloge Gash1

  222. Mxolisi Mkhatshwa says:

    Team gash and thato all da way

  223. Rose says:

    Bigbrother if you don’t punish Libo and tulz for gossiping i don’t know cozke lapile ke bona…#BBmzansi #Thash1

  224. Tshidie says:

    Mpho o thabile she’s even talking to Libo manje

  225. Tshidie says:

    I really miss Terry bathong yhooo
    I love you babe❤

  226. Fundiswa says:

    I’m voting Gash1

  227. Tshepo says:

    Saving Gash 1

  228. Aletta says:


  229. MASE says:


  230. Adelaide says:

    Blessings to the underground gang #MphoWabadimo

  231. Rose says:

    Voting for Gash1 #Thash1

  232. Rose says:

    Voting for Gash1 everyday 🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍

  233. Rose says:

    Voting for Gash1 all the way we love you #Gashers

  234. Thandi says:

    2m for MphoWaBadimo… #Undergroung Gang we move

  235. Puleng Sebotsa says:

    Gash1 all the way

  236. Portia says:

    Voting for Gash1 all the eay

  237. Rose says:

    Jersey ya tuls e imela Gash1…..#Gash1 we love you boy…

  238. Nhla says:

    I vote Mpho

  239. Nhla says:

    Mphowabadimo for the moola

  240. Nhla says:

    MphoTheShow deserve 2million

  241. Rose says:

    Saving Gusheshe what…GashmaGash #Gashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh1

  242. Rose says:

    Be strong mgesharo …..we love you mfana pitori….o latlhe jersey ene o e apere e boima ga se ya gago nd ignore the negativity of the people that you are with in that house…..we care the gashers😍😍😍😍😍#Gash1

  243. zonkeni says:

    can we all vote for Themba

  244. Tsaky says:

    voting for Gash1

  245. Tsaky says:

    Gash1 mamillion

  246. Tsaky says:


  247. Nhla says:

    Can all women vote for Mpho the representer of all mzansi queens in bbm season 3

  248. Nhla says:

    Vote Mpho

  249. Sipho says:


  250. Phetty says:

    Saving Gash 1 all the way

  251. Lorraine says:

    Gash1 for the money

  252. Lolo says:

    Saving Gash 1

  253. Salome says:


  254. Naomi says:

    Gash Magusheshe

  255. Rose says:

    Gash1 Gash1 Gash1 Gash1 Gash1 Gash1 Gash1 everyday

  256. Rose says:

    Gash1 Gash1 Gash1 Gash1 Gash1 Gash1 Gash1 #Team Gash1

  257. Rose says:

    Gusheshe ya Thato #Gash1

  258. Luyanda says:

    I love you Mpozaza and we’ve got your back love.

  259. Nhla says:

    Mpho the star

  260. Nhla says:

    Queen Mphowabadimo

  261. Nhla says:

    Idlozi livumile thokoza gogo Mphowabadimo underground gang we are winners

  262. Nhla says:

    I chose well from the beginning 1 and only queen Mpho for 2million

  263. Nhla says:

    Ye baba ye baba ye baba Mphowabadimo is the winner of 2million

  264. Nhla says:

    Ye baba we are voting for Mpho

  265. almina says:

    Love u mpho And themba u deserve to win the two meter

  266. almina says:

    Hang in there mpho a never mind the haters

  267. almina says:

    Hang in there mpho never mind the haters love u gal

  268. Rose says:

    Gash1 ka 2m

  269. Rose says:

    If biggie let those EC boys spite Gash1 ‘s drink and get away with it..believe me when I say I will never watch de show ever ..coz to me they did get away with so many things one of them being bullies….#saving Gash1

  270. Rose says:

    Gash1 Gash1 Gusheshe what …ka voice ya Thato

  271. Rose says:

    My highlight was de Thash1 moment’s loved them #Gash1 all the way

  272. Esnath says:

    Themba Thembroly all the way

  273. Tsaky says:

    gash1 till sunday

  274. Tsaky says:

    number one hang in there Gashhhh1

  275. Tsaky says:

    still voting Gash1

  276. Kgomotso says:

    Terry treasure I miss u gul #BBMzansi

  277. Kgomotso says:


  278. Kgomotso says:

    Kuyabora kwa Biggie akuna vipe #BBMzansi

  279. Veronica says:

    Mphowabadimo….2 million for you Sweetie.# The Underground gang…..

  280. Veronica says:

    I Love You Mphowabadimo…..

  281. Portia says:

    Voting for Gash 1

  282. Shirley Lorato Tjirokohe says:

    Mphowabadimo is the Game beke le beke, she must bag this 2mil!

  283. Rose says:

    Morning Gash1 and bigbrother…thank you for de show loved it ,enjoyed it especially Gash1 and Thato #Thash1 moment’s we love you guys…may God bless your love and keep on walking…thank you again for de show it kept us walking like jonny walker #Gash1 all the way

  284. Kholeka says:

    Mphoza please take Libo to that cruise trip after the Finale my beauty with brains.

  285. Pumy says:

    Woooow congra Libo i salute you boy

  286. Queen says:

    Mphowabadimo for the money y 2m we love you.

  287. Khayakazi says:

    I love Makhekhe to win the
    R2 000 000

  288. Miya says:

    Makhekhe for R2 000 000

  289. Miya says:

    Win Makhekhe my son

  290. Mduduzi Ndlovu says:

    Mc j

  291. hezel khuboni Mcjunior, liema my stars says:

    hezel Mcjunior and liema my favourites

  292. Concelia says:


  293. Tobeka says:

    Sinaye the best man of tje house

  294. Tobeka says:


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