Taylor Hale

Taylor Hale - Big Brother 2022 (Season 24) cast member

Taylor Hale is an American personal stylist and reality TV star from Detroit, Michigan. She is a houseguest on Big Brother season 14 (US) in 2022.

Taylor Hale’s Biography

Name:Taylor Hale
Hometown:Detroit, Michigan
Current City:Detroit, Michigan
Occupation:Personal Stylist

What’s the best advice you received before coming out to play?

The best advice I received was from my mom, who does not know much about the game.

But she told me to let them think I’m stupid. (Laughs.)

I’ve got a pageant background. I work in the beauty industry.

I know a lot of people are going to assume that all I have is beauty.

But there’s a lot more underneath me.

I’m a lot more cunning than people expect me to be.

So I’ll let them think that I’m stupid, and then I’ll slit their throats on the back end.

What do you think people will perceive you as?

I think people will perceive me as someone who’s only here for a showmance.

You’ve got the hair, you’ve got the makeup, some pretty tight dresses, I won’t lie. (Laughs.)

But I’m here to play a hardcore game.

Coming from the beauty industry, I’m here to prove that women have a lot more to offer than just what’s on the outside.

And you can use your wit, your cutting, your charm to get you very far in this game.

I plan on leaving with that $750K at the very end of this.

What types of players would you least want in your alliance?

In my alliance, personally, the people that I would least want are the people who are not good at strategizing.

I’m very good at using wit and charm to get far.

I will admit strategy is not going to be my strength here.

So as long as I’m not the one coming up with a strategy.

We’ve seen serious strategists are the ones that end up getting taken out first when an alliance comes down to voting on itself.

I want to be the one that’s in that group with them.

But I don’t want to have to be doing the hard work when it comes to strategizing.

What’s something the other houseguests may dislike about you?

I’m very optimistic, and I think that’s gonna go on a lot of people’s nerves.

I won’t say I’m a bubbly person, but I am very outgoing.

And I know that typically those people are the ones that have some trouble sticking it out in the long run in the game.

The houseguests might not really like that I have all this big personality.

So I might have to work on tamping it down so I can get really far in the game.

On eviction night, would you rather flip the votes against the house to help your individual game, or go with the house to help your overall alliance?

I think it depends at what point in the game.

If we’re talking early on, I think I wouldn’t be afraid of flipping the vote in the house.

Because I want everybody in the house to understand that we’re really here to play a hardcore game.

I’m not here to sit and coast all the way to the end.

I want to do some hardcore work on the back end to really keep people on their toes.

But as we get closer to the jury, I want to make sure that the people who are in my alliance are going to be there with me until the very end, so that I have the votes on that jury that are going to give me the cash in the end.

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