Day 57: Big Brother Titans 2023 Week 9 Voting Poll

The Big Brother Titans 2023 Week 9 Voting Poll has been released today on Day 57 (Monday 13 March) and you can now vote.

Big Brother Titans 2023 Week 9 Voting Poll - Nominated Housemates
Big Brother Titans Season 1 Week 9 Nominated Housemates.

Following the Big Brother Titans 2023 Week 9 Nominations process, we finally have this week’s nominated housemates.

Nominated Housemates This Week

Big Brother Titans nominees this week are;

  1. Tsatsii
  2. Yvonne
  3. Thabang
  4. Nana
  5. Kanaga Jnr
  6. Blue Aiva
  7. Miracle OP
  8. Khosi

And with that being said, we would like you all to let us know which Big Brother Titans 2023 housemates you are voting to save this week by participating in our Online Poll below;

BBTitans 2023 Week 9: Who Are You Voting?

  • Khosi (43%, 1,761 Votes)
  • Thabang (13%, 524 Votes)
  • Tsatsii (12%, 484 Votes)
  • Blue Aiva (10%, 422 Votes)
  • Miracle OP (9%, 365 Votes)
  • Kanaga Jnr (8%, 329 Votes)
  • Yvonne (5%, 217 Votes)
  • Nana (1%, 24 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,590

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Likewise, you can inform us which housemates you are saving this week by dropping their names in the comment section below.


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Big Brother Titans Voting Polls

153 Responses

  1. Khosi, the winner of the show says:

    Voting for Khosi

  2. Khosi, the winner of the show says:

    My Khosination all the way 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃

  3. Moeder says:


  4. Moeder says:

    Khosi Twala

  5. Helen says:

    Khosi reigns

  6. Ntombomzi says:

    Vote for Yvonne

  7. Ntombomzi says:

    Khosi the winner

  8. khaya says:


  9. Helen says:

    i think khosi made the show if it wasnt for her it will be boring

  10. Matlakalasello says:

    I’m voting for Khosi she is intelligent and smart

  11. Marvel says:


  12. Ebuka says:

    Voting kanaga Jr

  13. Plaatjie says:


  14. Christine GM says:

    Kanaga Jr

  15. Tankiso says:


  16. Tankiso says:

    khosi my star girl

  17. Fatimah says:


  18. Lee says:


  19. NB Mhlongo says:


  20. Tryness H says:


  21. Blessing Cecilia says:

    I’m voting for khosi!!! Yes

  22. ElizabetMaja says:


  23. Dikeledi Maja says:


  24. Aijuka says:


  25. Akankunda L says:

    Am voting for khosi Twala❤️❤️❤️❤️

  26. Mr.Vaigo says:


  27. Nondu says:


  28. Maalina says:

    Queen Khosiiiii

  29. Andy says:

    Voting Blue Aiva

  30. Ornica Tsotetsi says:

    Queen khosi 👸

  31. Molobe says:

    My vote goes to khosi

  32. Aciro says:

    Am voting thabang,,,,,

  33. Mbassa Wrighton Chamba says:

    Am voting Tsatsi

  34. Khaya says:

    Voting for Queen Khosi

  35. Nompumelelo says:

    Khosi Makhosazana iam voting for you mogurl

  36. Nompumelelo says:

    Iam voting for Khosi ♥️♥️♥️♥️

    • Rubin says:

      Khosi is smart ,creative, intelligent I really feel she should be the voice of Africa Khosi twala#bb titans

  37. Nompumelelo says:

    Khosi Thwala

  38. Babynaj says:

    Khosi all the way.

  39. Babynaj says:

    Khosi my star girl

  40. Babynaj says:

    vote for Khosi Twala.

  41. Babynaj says:

    for me its khosi

  42. Helen says:


  43. Helen says:

    Khosi Queen of highlights

  44. Dlozi says:


  45. Trisha says:


  46. Lydia says:


  47. Lydia says:

    safe blue ave

  48. Mimi says:

    Khosi till the last day

  49. Tshego letlhabane says:

    Voting for my bby thabang

  50. Luluk says:

    Khosi all the way

  51. Kerita Mutizira says:

    Tsatsi and kananga for me

  52. Nkullie says:

    Voting for miracle op

  53. Hlengiwe says:

    Khosi Thwala

  54. Hlengiwe says:


  55. Hlengiwe says:


  56. sitshengisiwe Ncube says:

    Khosi Thwala

  57. dineo says:

    blue avia for money

  58. NB Mhlongo says:

    Thabang all the way

  59. GRANNY says:


  60. buhle says:

    i vote for tsatsi

  61. buhle says:

    sibongile# for Tsatsi i love you my baby everything you wear its suits you i vote for you my Angel

  62. goergina says:

    i vote for Princess Tsatsi ,the sunshine

  63. lauren says:

    vote for Tsatsi

  64. nyameka says:

    i vote for Tsatsi

  65. Precious says:

    Am voting my girl khosi

  66. riama says:

    motsatsi for ever

  67. Majoe says:

    #majoe ,Tsatsi all the way

  68. Israel says:

    I love you Tsatsi sun riser vote for you

  69. Ernest says:

    vote for Tsatsi

  70. Kgomotso says:

    vote for Tsatsi

  71. lawe says:

    vote for Motsatsi Wendy Madiba beautiful baby girl

  72. dikeledi says:

    Vote for Princess of Sandton Tsatsi the one and the only always smart and reason

  73. Mantsho says:


  74. N Twala says:

    Vote Khosi

  75. Nhla says:

    Khosi all the way

  76. Nhla says:

    I vote for Khosi

  77. Nhla says:

    Khosi Twala for the money

  78. Nhla says:

    Khosi the winner

  79. Nhla says:

    The money is Khosified

  80. Nhla says:

    Khosi the show

  81. Nhla says:

    Queen Khosi

  82. Nhla says:

    Khosi the Eloquent

  83. Nhla says:

    Makhosazane Twala

  84. Nhla says:

    Only Khosi alone

  85. Nhla says:

    Khosination for the winner

  86. Nhla says:


  87. Nhla says:

    Khosi the game player

  88. Nhla says:

    I love love Khosi

  89. Magdeline says:

    Vote for Tsatsi

  90. Magdeline says:

    Tsatsi girl

  91. Magdeline says:


  92. Magdeline says:

    Tsatsi to the final

  93. Mmaserake Pretty Phahlane says:

    I am voting for Khosi

  94. Mmaserake Pretty Phahlane says:


  95. Nonkululeko says:

    Voting Khosi

  96. Mantsho says:

    i save for Tsatsi

  97. Modiegi says:

    save tsatsi

  98. sekao says:

    save tsatsi

  99. otukile says:

    save our queen of sun Tsatsi

  100. lilian says:

    i save Wendy tsatsi

  101. lerato says:

    i and save Tsatsi

  102. disetlhe says:

    save for me tsatsi please , i love you baby with all my life,

  103. Nozi says:

    Khosi for money

  104. Ntombomzi says:

    Queen Khosi the winner

  105. Ntombomzi says:

    Voting for Khosi

  106. Martha N Toe says:

    Khosi the real Queen of this season💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻❤❤❤❤❤❤

  107. Martha N Toe says:

    The more the hate our queen the more we going to punish them with votes.Khosi for the money

  108. Maki Menoe says:

    Let’s gooooo Khosi

  109. Nikiwe says:

    I vote for tsatsi

  110. Nontombi says:

    I vote for tsatsi

  111. Keikantseng says:

    Motsatsi wendy Madiba I vote for Tsatsii

  112. Maya says:

    I vote for Tsatsi

  113. Ntloko says:

    Save Tsatsi

  114. Num says:

    Vote Tsatsi

  115. Refentse says:

    I vote for Tsatsii

  116. Boitshoko says:

    I vote for tsatsi

  117. Rose says:

    I vote for Tsatsi

  118. Deliwe says:

    I vote for my baby Tsatsii

  119. Manini says:

    I vote for Tsatsi

  120. Hlubza says:

    Tsatsii I vote for you

  121. Bezenhout says:

    I vote for tsatsi

  122. Ntozokubaswa says:

    I vote for Tsatsi

  123. Thandaza says:

    I vote for Tsatsi

  124. Leano says:

    My pretty tsatsi I vote for Tsatsii

  125. Remmogo says:

    I vote for tsatsi

  126. Smith says:

    I vote for Tsatsi

  127. Stha says:

    I vote for Tsatsii

  128. Anelize says:

    I vote for Tsatsi

  129. TebogoP says:


  130. Gabi says:

    Blue Aiva, go girl

  131. Nomusa says:

    Active girl

  132. Thabisile Mnembe says:

    vote for Khosi big Lips smart gal

  133. Matshidiso says:

    Um definitely voting for my babe khosi till the end .love u babe .

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