Day 57: Big Brother Mzansi 2022 Week 9 Voting Poll

The Big Brother Mzansi 2022 Week 9 Voting Poll is here.

Big Brother Mzansi 2022 (Season 3) Week 9 Nominated Housemates
The nominated Housemates of Big Brother Mzansi 2022 (Season 3) week 9.

This is the second last week of Big Brother Mzansi season 3 or rather the semi-finale week and there are just five housemates up for possible eviction from the house, these are; Sis Tamara, Thato, Gash1, Mphowabadimo and Terry.

Please remember that Themba, Libo and Tulz have already made it to the Grand Finale week which obviously next week. This came as a result of Themba winning the Ultimate Veto Power earlier on today, after which he selected his friends, Tulz and Libo to automatically join him in next week’s Grand Finale.

And with that being said, we would like you all to let us know which Housemate you are voting to save this week by participating in our Online Poll below;

BBMzansi 2022 Week 9: Who Are You Saving?

  • Mphowabadimo (35%, 1,823 Votes)
  • Gash1 (24%, 1,240 Votes)
  • Thato (17%, 867 Votes)
  • Sis Tamara (16%, 816 Votes)
  • Terry (9%, 473 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,854

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Likewise you can inform us which housemates you are saving this week by dropping their names in the comment section below.


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206 Responses

  1. AsiveM says:

    I’m saving Mphowabadimo❤️

  2. Sibongile says:

    I’m saving Thato

  3. Terry says:

    Please save Terry

  4. Zanele says:

    We love Mpho and Temba will regret his bad move

  5. Molly says:

    Please i save Sis Tamari and Gash1 and Themba will regret🤪

  6. Molly says:

    Please i save Sis Tamari and Gash1 and Themba will regret🤪

  7. Nomsa says:

    Saving Gash 1

  8. Lerato says:


  9. Thandeka says:

    I’m saving Gash 1

  10. Lindi says:

    Gash you are safe

  11. Palesa says:

    Am saving Gash1

  12. Senatla says:

    I would like to save Thato and Gash1

  13. Manto says:

    I’m saving mphowabadimu

  14. Ntombi says:

    I’m saving sis Tamara

  15. Ntombi says:

    Clearly just being beautiful without efford works in this game…

  16. Sipho says:

    I am saving mphowabadimo until she win 2m

  17. Sipho says:

    Mphowabadimo she’s going to win 2m trust me

  18. Thetshelesani says:

    My vote goes for gash1… gash1 till the end

  19. beauty says:

    Mphowabadimo my girl I’m saving you

  20. Makaukani says:

    I’m Serving Gash 1

  21. Mpho says:

    I m saving my girl Mphowabadimo

  22. hleki says:

    saving our 012 boy Gash 1

  23. Wendile Khanyile says:

    I’m saving Mphowabadimo ❤

  24. maseka maseka says:

    Mphowabadimo waya waya ,underground gang lets save our gal

  25. mpho says:

    im saving terry

  26. mpho says:

    im saving terry

  27. Sweetlady says:

    Saving Gash & thato

  28. Ntombz says:

    Gash all the way

  29. Dunyiswa J Diamond says:

    I’m saving Mpho my Queen the love I have for this lady can also see her with the 2mil wow beauty and brains in one lady….

  30. Mosuana says:

    I’m saving Mpho

  31. valencia says:

    I’m saving Thato…

  32. valencia says:

    Thato all the way…..

  33. valencia says:


  34. valencia says:


  35. valencia says:


  36. valencia says:


  37. valencia says:


  38. valencia says:


  39. valencia says:


  40. Mampeoane says:

    I am saving Thato

  41. Kgomotso says:

    I love my Terry save my gul I love u terry#BBMzansi

  42. Kgomotso says:

    I love Terry bcs u a so open with ur job I love u gul with all my heart big brother mzansi

  43. REGINAH says:


  44. Kgomotso says:

    I will keep on voting for my gul Terry mterere,terrinations# bbmzansi

  45. Jubilee says:

    Um voting for mphowabadimo

  46. Guddy says:

    Am Saving Gash 1 and Mpho

  47. Anny says:


  48. np qilingana says:

    sisi tamara

  49. Thapi says:

    Gash I all the way

  50. Khulu says:

    I’m saving Thatonation

  51. Grace says:

    I’m saving Terry

  52. Grace says:

    Terry nation,let’s save our girl moreere all the way

  53. Grace says:

    I’m saving my girl Terry

  54. Grace says:

    Terry treasure all the way

  55. Grace says:

    My vote goes to Terry

  56. Grace says:

    Let’s vote for mterere the big brother house will never be the same without her

  57. Grace says:

    My princess Terry

  58. Grace says:

    Terry,you very special my girl so much luv

  59. Lisa says:

    Saving Mpho Gash 1 and That’s❤️

  60. Lisa says:

    Mpho Gash 1 please

  61. Bertha says:

    Mphowabadimo all the way

  62. Buyie says:

    saving Gash 1

  63. nomsa says:

    I’m saving Thato

  64. Wendile Khanyile says:

    Saving Mphowabadimo

  65. Bathusi Ramasaka says:

    I save Sis Tamara please

  66. Bathusi Ramasaka says:

    Sis Tamara

  67. caroline moela says:


  68. Namhla-Mpofu says:

    Gashers lets save our Gash till the end

  69. Ellen says:

    Please let us save Thato, she’s so real and was the only woman standing for the ultimate veto power amongst well built men, surely she deserves it.

  70. Mathamae says:

    it is the right thing to do “save Thato” the only deserving women who stands for the truth no matter what, she is real

  71. Mathamae says:

    let us save Thato for being true to herself

  72. Lungiswa says:

    Sisi Tamara

  73. Matsatsi says:


  74. Miss_Matsi🐝 says:

    Saving Mphowabadimo

  75. Azania says:

    One thing about Mpho is her consistency, gurl has been herself from day one en yes she has her flaws and that’s why I stan #bbmzansi #Mphowabadimo #DloziAdvocate #GiftofthepeoplefromtheGods

  76. Kay says:

    saving sis tamara, she deserves this. she’s been playing a very strategic game. and i can believe none of the house mates helped her out while she was so cold during that challenge. people who are voting for Mpho dont know the game, she doesnt deserve to win this. top 3 should be tamara, terry and thado. those 3 played the game to a T…………….

  77. Sindy says:

    Saving Sis Tamara lov yu girl

  78. Kgomotso says:

    Terry Terry #BBMzansi

  79. Sindy says:

    Voting for Sis T all the way to the top 5

  80. Sindy says:

    Libo be strong we saw everything , yu are a gud man gud heart and very humble, am sure your parents are so so proud of yu

  81. Sindy says:

    Sis Tamara all the way to top 5

  82. Wendy says:

    We saving Mpho sweet and humble soul

  83. kholi says:

    i’m saving sis Tamara

  84. Sindy says:

    Sis Tamara all the way

  85. Vivian says:

    I’m saving Thato and Gash1

  86. Themba says:

    Saving Gash 1

  87. Lerato says:

    Gash 1 we save you

  88. Thoko says:


  89. Sedi says:

    Gash1 for 2M

  90. Puleng says:


  91. Mphoza says:

    Let’s save Gash

  92. Pule says:


  93. Zandile Gumede says:

    Am saving Mphowabadimo

  94. Nozuko says:

    Tamara go switch, top5

  95. Noks says:

    I’m saving Mphowabadimo

  96. Nombuso says:

    Saving my baby girl Mphowabadimo for 2m all the way.

  97. Tsaky says:

    Gash1 to top 5

  98. Tsaky says:

    Gash1 Gashhhhhhhhhh1

  99. Lerato says:

    Im saving mthombeni

  100. Nombuso says:

    I’m saving the Queen, Wabadimo

  101. Nsovo says:

    Mphowabadimo 😍

  102. Ningi says:

    I am saving Gash1, my favorite humble man

  103. Bernice says:

    Mphowabadimo is real not fake. I like her a lot. I vote for her.

  104. Mfundo says:

    Lets save Mphowabadimo all the way #dlozi advocate

  105. Martha says:

    I am saving Thato

  106. Thabiso Khake says:


  107. Thabiso Khake says:

    Gash1 wa rona

  108. Tsaky says:

    Gash1 2 de final

  109. Tshegofatso says:

    I am saving Thato

  110. Morakane Motaung says:

    I’m saving Gash1❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  111. Morakane❣️ says:

    I’m saving Gash1❤️❤️❤️

  112. Morakane❣️ says:

    My vote for thato❤️

  113. Morakane❣️ says:

    Voting for Gash1❤️❤️❤️

  114. Morakane❣️ says:


  115. Dineo says:

    Mphowabadimo all the way…

  116. Dineo says:

    The reason i watch big brother Mphowabadimo… We love you Mpho

  117. Jabulile Sambe says:

    I’m saving sis Tamara

  118. mase says:

    I vote mphowabadimo my angel and favourite house mate

  119. Ashley says:

    I’m saving thato

  120. Nozuko says:

    Saving sis tamara#hamba Nabo Top5

  121. TEBOGO says:


  122. TEBOGO says:


  123. TEBOGO says:


  124. mse says:


  125. Sally says:

    Mpho my MPho….rooting for you all the way

  126. Veliswa Kala says:

    Definitely saving MphoWabadimo our very own Queen

  127. Noks says:


  128. Pricilla says:

    I’m saving Sis Tamara

  129. REGINAH says:


  130. Nombuso says:

    Mphowabadimo all the way

  131. Nombuso says:

    Queen my Queen, Mphowabadimo for money

  132. Nombuso says:

    Doing it for my girl Mphororo

  133. Nomusa says:

    Am saving my Gash 1

  134. Nombuso says:

    I’m saving the one and only, Mphowabadimo

  135. Nombuso says:

    Mphowabadimo you are safe

  136. Millicent says:

    Saving Gushshe 1

  137. Millicent says:

    Am saving Gash1

  138. Nombuso says:

    Saving Mphowabadimo

  139. Nombuso says:

    Mphororo the underground Wabadimo

  140. Mpho says:

    I’m serving thato

  141. Mpho says:

    #Bbmzansi morning biggie and housemates

  142. Mpho says:

    Thato all de way nana I’m proud of you

  143. Mpho says:

    People who deserve to be in top 5 is themba,sis Tamara ,thato,Terry and gash one biggie pls choose 2people cos themba did DNT use viwers votes pls pls biggie

  144. Lebo says:

    I save Thato

  145. Motshidisi says:


  146. Bonnie says:

    Gash1 all the way

  147. Palesa says:

    Thato and Gash1

  148. Thabang says:

    Gash1 all the way

  149. Tebello says:

    Gash 1 top 5

  150. Tebello says:

    Gash 1

  151. Edith says:

    Am saving Mpho

  152. Adelaide Tshabalala says:

    #Mphowabadimo you safe

  153. Telang says:

    sis Tamara

  154. nomsa says:

    I’m saving Gash1

  155. joyce maluleke says:


  156. joyce maluleke says:


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