Big Brother Mzansi 2022 (Season 3) Housemates

The Big Brother Mzansi 2022 housemates have been revealed during the live launch show. They are eighteen in total, nine males and nine females.

Big Brother Mzansi 2022 “Season 3” Housemates
Big Brother Mzansi 2022 (Season 3) Housemates.

Check them out below;

NOTE: Click on a housemate’s name to view his or her profile

B.U.31DurbanAspiring musician
Gash128PretoriaFashion designer, entrepreneur
Libo32King William’s TownSalesperson, personal trainer, IT graduate
Mvelo28PietermaritzburgMarketing graduate
Nale24PretoriaModel, actor
Norman24PretoriaDaycare worker
Nthabii27PolokwaneStudent, athlete
QV24Mahikeng, North WestMarketing communications graduate
Sis Tamara25QueenstownActor, film student
Terry26JohannesburgMakeup artist, adult content creator
Thato28JohannesburgAccountant, content creator, actor
Themba30JohannesburgTattoo artist
Tulz28East LondonVoiceover artist, actor, broadcaster
Venus25DurbanAspiring musician, bartender
Yoli30DurbanPerforming arts teacher, psychology student
Zino21JohannesburgDigital marketing student

Vyno and Nthabii entered the house on Day 14, two weeks after the launch night.

Now that you know all their names, who’s your favorite among the Big Brother Mzansi 2022 housemates? Kindly tell us by dropping their names in the comment section below.


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35 Responses

  1. Nolufefe says:

    Please give them name tags/belts

  2. Nthabeleng says:

    I so wish they could tell us they name

  3. Herbert says:

    So hope Tulz can hookup- still not vivid on who will snap the 2mil

  4. Herbert says:

    Tulz and Nale #Dope

  5. Nabilah says:

    Gash 1

  6. Nompie says:

    Nale ,Sis Tamara , Terry and libo, are dope

  7. Mbalz Shabarings says:

    The love I have for Mr Norman is beyond measure

  8. Nox says:

    The Friday nite games are hot

  9. JennyB says:

    Love Gash1 & Thato together

  10. Lilly M says:

    I’m not happy about Mvelo but it’s fine bcs one must leave

  11. Lilly M says:

    Yooooh bigie Dinky again amen this is sad man

  12. Lilly M says:

    Sorry housemates for other leaving housemates really it’s so tense

  13. Zamani Ndawonde says:

    At first I really loved Mpho to go all the way but her character has changed right now. I think her and Acacia must be nominated now they are annoying maan….

  14. george dreyer says:

    send all housemaids

  15. thelionking says:

    i love this show

  16. Tshidi says:

    Hey guys congrats on winning the wager

  17. Tshidi says:

    Mmmhhh I wish something steamy can happen between Nale and Tuls…woooweee

  18. Percy says:

    Mpho you should have told libo you don’t want him from the go….cause now nobody wants to be with him cause of you

  19. MALESHOANE says:

    Libo for mphowabadimo you go girl

  20. Catherine Romain says:

    I like Gash 1 and Themba. All the best to the 2 HM

  21. Wendy says:

    Good luck for today wager

  22. Nokuthula says:

    Mphowabadimo all the best mngoma, 2m is yours lots of love girl

  23. Beauty says:

    I’m praying for Libo to win.He deserves it.He is a respected person

  24. Thembile says:

    Nale and Thato made it this far I’m happy my babies…..

  25. lindiwe says:

    gash & thato all the best

  26. Priscilla says:

    Vote for MphoWabadimo UG gang

  27. Angel says:

    I really want thulz to win

  28. Goitsimang says:

    Mphowabadimo for the 2meter
    Go girl…sa warra we got your back beke le beke

  29. Kgaladi says:

    Mpho WA badimo you deserve everything…

  30. Sir Thomas says:

    My votes goes to Tulz and Gash1

  31. Sir Thomas says:

    Tulz must definitely win the 2Mil

  32. Tesh says:

    My friends would always say I look like mphowabadimo….so congrats to her 🥂

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