Day 64: Big Brother Titans 2023 Week 10 Voting Poll

The Big Brother Titans 2023 Week 10 Voting Poll has been released today on Day 64 (Monday 20 March) and you can now vote.

Big Brother Titans 2023 Week 10 Voting Poll - Nominated Housemates
Big Brother Titans Season 1 Week 10 Nominated Housemates.

Following the Big Brother Titans 2023 Week 10 Nominations process, we finally have this week’s nominated housemates.

Nominated Housemates This Week

Big Brother Titans nominees this week are;

And with that being said, we would like you all to let us know which Big Brother Titans 2023 housemates you are voting to save this week by participating in our Online Poll below;

BBTitans 2023 Week 10: Who Are You Voting?

  • Khosi (56%, 3,243 Votes)
  • Thabang (20%, 1,156 Votes)
  • Kanaga Jnr (11%, 658 Votes)
  • Yvonne (6%, 363 Votes)
  • Justin (4%, 213 Votes)
  • Blaqboi (3%, 174 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,299

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Likewise, you can inform us which housemates you are saving this week by dropping their names in the comment section below.


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Big Brother Titans Voting Polls

218 Responses

  1. Lethu says:

    Love to see Khosi win BBtitans

  2. Matshidiso says:

    Please vote for kanaga jnr

  3. Joy says:

    Please vote kanaga jrn

  4. Ntombomzi says:

    Khosi and Justin

  5. Ntombomzi says:

    Justin for the finale

  6. Ntombomzi says:

    Khosi is the winnnerrrr mona phantsi

  7. Otshepagetse says:

    Khosi for the money 💰

  8. Tsholofelo says:

    Blaqboi let’s save him🙏🙏

  9. Loveletter says:


  10. Fikiswa says:

    I’m saving Khosi

  11. Penelope says:

    Our Queen 👑❤️ Khosi the money 💰 is yours , don’t cry

  12. Syria says:


  13. Syria says:

    Vote Thabang please

  14. Syria says:

    Thabang please

  15. Bucie McKay says:

    I’m voting for Khosi

  16. Roselyn says:

    Khosi all the way

  17. Martina says:

    Khanaga for the finals

  18. Malashlash says:

    M voting Queen Khosi

  19. Martina says:

    Pls vote Khanaga for the finals

  20. Nomthy says:

    Voting Khosi

  21. Nomthy says:

    Save thabang

  22. Patie says:

    Khosi till the last day

  23. Sthulile says:

    Khosi to the final I’m saving my Khosi

  24. Anne says:

    Khosi for the grand price $100

  25. Alinah says:

    Khosi for the final

  26. Ntaoleng Nana says:

    Voting for khosi

  27. Ntaoleng says:


  28. florah says:

    #khosireigns we love gal

  29. Mabel E Chiloane says:

    Khosi for the money.

  30. @ gugukhupe1 says:


  31. Nombuso says:

    Khosi to the finale

  32. Zintle Tanzi says:

    Saving khosi

  33. Pamela says:

    Saving my little queen Khosi till finaleee

  34. masilis says:

    khosi this is your season girl, my love for you is…………..massive

  35. Meisie says:


  36. Masego says:

    Kanaga j

  37. Comfort says:

    Khosi my queen 👸👍👍💪💪

  38. AyandaMagasela says:

    Team Khosi,,,let’s gooo we need to work hard for our Queen.

  39. Comfort says:

    Khosi my queen till the last day🥰🥰😘😘👸👍👍💪💪

  40. Dumisani says:

    Am behind queen Khosi

  41. Dumisani says:

    Am behind you queen Khosi

  42. Dee says:


  43. Jabu says:

    Khos for me

  44. Thembi says:

    Khosie d winner 🙏

  45. Thembi says:

    Khosie d winner

  46. Yvonne says:

    Vote for my one and only K Khosi

  47. Noxolo says:

    Khosi for the money

  48. Njikam Fedrine says:

    Khosi all the way my baby the belongs to you

  49. Sindi says:

    Thabani my son…you’re saved

  50. Pepe says:

    Team Khosi we moveeeeeee

  51. Vuyani says:

    Queen khosi I’m here for

  52. Cate says:


  53. Meisie says:

    Saving Khosi

  54. Victor Mohapi says:


  55. Reabetswe says:

    Khosiii the QUEEN, let’s goooo team khosi

  56. Edwina Quartey-Papafio says:

    Khosi for the money

  57. Thoko says:

    I vote for kanaga jnr

  58. Betty says:

    Kanaga jnr

  59. winnierose chebett says:

    kanaga jnr ,team tatsil lets vote for kj the winnier

  60. winnierose chebett says:

    i vote for kj

  61. Dikate Molaiwa says:

    Save Kanaga Jnr

  62. Portia says:

    Khosi all the way…

  63. Shona Blessing says:

    Voting for Khosi from Uganda.

  64. Shona Blessing says:

    Am voting for Khosi..from Uganda.

  65. Portia says:

    Khosi nation let’s take queen khosi to da finale ✍️vote,vote,vote

  66. Lebo says:

    Khosi deserve our love

  67. Nothile says:

    Khosi my queen❤😍

  68. Ntombomzi says:

    Let’s go Justin

  69. Ntombomzi says:

    Voting for you Justin

  70. Ntombomzi says:

    Queen Khosi for the money 💰💰💰

  71. Ntombomzi says:

    Justin my vote goes to you nana

  72. Puliegirl says:


  73. Adebamiro peter says:

    Am saving kanaga jr

  74. Adebamiro peter says:

    Am voting for kanaga Jr from Nigerian

  75. AyandaMagasela says:

    Khosi am here for you mabbe

  76. Pretty says:

    Voting for kanaga jnr

  77. Dimakatso Mahlaba says:

    Tsatsi diary,the gal is really on game her every vain in her body,she is fooling who in her DS,she wont feel good not help the poor if she can have more money,listen to this one,he will not take kj to finale,bathong you cant take buu to honey land but u have a heart to give.Nah Tsi u selling us something else lala.Im sho biggy spoke alone yoh my HOH3t.

  78. Dimakatso Mahlaba says:

    My Queen Khosi l trust her soul to be true brand in making outside the BB house.First to go and last to switch off the lights.❤

  79. Natasha says:

    Yep queen Khosi all the way!!

  80. Lebo says:

    Pushing harder for Khosi

  81. DM says:

    Thabang for the money

  82. DM says:

    I vote for Thabang

  83. Pontsho says:

    Khosi and Thabang to finale

  84. Thembalethu says:

    Thabang to the finals

  85. Stan says:

    Save Thabang to the finals.

  86. Angel Kubheka says:

    Khos all the way

  87. ZamaJobe Sithole says:

    Khosi is the winner

  88. ZamaJobe Sithole says:

    Khosi all the way

  89. Junior says:

    Team khosi lets support our sister. I vote for khosi all the way until she gets the money it belongs to her.Queen khosi all the way

  90. Gcobani says:

    I save Thabang 🙏

  91. Glory says:


  92. Hapi says:

    Khosi all the way to the final

  93. Ntombomzi says:

    Saving Justin for finals

  94. Ntombomzi says:

    Justin you are saved

  95. Ntombomzi says:

    Khosiiii my Queen

  96. Ntombomzi says:

    Vote for Justin

  97. Ntombomzi says:

    Vote Yvonne

  98. ida says:

    yvonne for the price, we suport Yvonne all the way from congo

  99. Kulaki says:

    Khosi for Life

  100. Kulaki says:

    Khosi Khosi khosi

  101. Ntombomzi says:


  102. Ntombomzi says:

    Vote Justin

  103. Sihle says:

    Khos all the way

  104. Sihle says:

    Khosi twala

  105. esthon says:


  106. Luluk says:

    Khosi smelling the 💰

  107. Luluk says:

    Khosi you are saved

  108. Anzani says:


  109. Fezi says:

    I am saving Khosi

  110. Dinosty says:

    I flow with kgosi good luck kgosi #bbt

  111. Daphine says:

    Am saving Khosi from uganda

  112. Pepe says:

    Khosi Force we move

  113. Pepe says:

    Khosi Twala for the money

  114. Innocentia says:

    Khosi Khosi Khosi ❤️

  115. Innocentia says:


  116. Luyanda says:

    I’m saving my girl Khosi…Khosi for the money

  117. Plumpy says:

    Team Miracle please help team Khosy please

  118. Adebamiro peter says:

    Am saying Kanaga Jr to the finale

  119. Adebamiro peter says:

    Kanaga Jr is finale

  120. Maria Skosana says:

    I’m voting for Khosi

  121. Pepe says:

    Saving Khosi every second , Khosi reigns Khosi Twala!!!

  122. Rorisang says:

    Khosi Khosi

  123. Gcobani says:

    I vote Thabang

  124. Nombuso says:

    Khosi the Queen for the money

  125. mosebi says:


  126. Trisha says:


  127. Molobe says:

    Team miracle let’s do it for our bisoma our wife, vote khosi

  128. Ntombikayise Mathe says:

    I’m rooting for my home girl Makhosazana Twala my home town girl from Osizweni Newcastle KZN 🥰

  129. Abo says:

    Justin Juju baby

  130. tana says:

    pls all the blue avia, nana and ipeleng voters let vote for blackboi

  131. tana says:

    Voting for Blaqboi

  132. Mg says:

    My khosi for money

  133. Mg says:

    We are getting there khosi baby money money just relax

  134. Cindy says:

    I love big brother titans

  135. Zipporah says:

    I’m saving khosi, khosi for the money

  136. esthon says:


  137. Nompumelelo says:

    Iam saving khosi

  138. Maggnt Mpanza says:


  139. TebogP says:

    Thabang….. Thabang let’s go….

  140. TebogP says:

    Thabang will win it period…

  141. Nelly says:

    Saving Kanaga❤️

  142. LondiweKhubonye says:

    Save Thabang

  143. Pauline says:

    Khosi the bbtitans,khosi Africa, Khosi the winner love you baby girl

  144. Pauline says:

    Love you Khosi

  145. Sophia Mogorosi says:

    Voting for Khosi

  146. Sophia Mogorosi says:


  147. Ntombomzi says:

    Justin my vote for you

  148. Ntombomzi says:


  149. Thulisile says:

    Makhosazana Twala🥺❤❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥🔥

  150. Tshinaki says:

    Khosi all the way😍

  151. Adebamiro peter says:

    Save kanaga Jr to the final



  153. Nokubonga says:

    Let’s vote for Yvonne since she only Nigerian lady left in the house

  154. Precious Mkhize says:

    I’m saving Thabang

  155. Mattie Thlou says:

    Saving Khosie and Blaqboi

  156. nonhlanhla says:

    i like khosi to win bbtitans

  157. nonhlanhla says:

    khosi to win bbtitans

  158. nonhlanhla says:

    khosi to win the title bbtitans

  159. Nyani says:

    Saving Thabang

  160. Lzet says:

    Saving Yvonne

  161. Colbert says:

    I’m saving #YVONNE

  162. Annah Ndhlovu says:

    I’m saving Thabang

  163. Regassa Gemechu says:

    Blackboy & Yvon

  164. Regassa Gemechu says:

    Black boy

  165. Gloria says:

    Vote for khosi khosi

  166. Gloria says:

    Khosi the winner

  167. Gloria says:


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