Will Poolie and Jenayne become a couple?

Poolie and Jenayne

In just a few days, we have already witnessed some housemates like Mandla and Lexi romancing. Though we also can’t forget what happened between Sol and Loko earlier this week.

And now there might be a relationship which is about to kick off any time only that these two housemates are not in the same house.

Yesterday during his diary session, Poolie was askeda question by Big Brother about who he would choose from the Chamber to join them in the House.

Poolie picked Jenayne and told Biggie that he preferred her to the other Chambermates. Biggie asked what his reasons were for the decision.

Poolie explained that he thinks that Jenayne would make a great addition to the House because she sounded fun.

Do you think these two could push out if Jenayne was brought to the main house.

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