Chambermates have been put to task

Chambermates put to task

The Chambermates have been slammed with their first Task of the Season and the Housemates have their eyes glued on them.

Big Brother gathered the Housemates in the lounge to watch as the oblivious Chambermates went about the Puzzle Task. Though he played confident, Kgosi seemed a bit confused in the Diary Room when he read the Task brief that Biggie had just issued to him and his Chambermates.

More so, when he read; “not all puzzles are meant to be solved.” With two teams; girls versus guys, competing against each other, “the team that completes the other team’s puzzle wins the Task”, continued the brief.

The Housemates watched as the Chambermates went about their paces in a bid to make an informed decision on which Chambermate they would whisk out of the dungeons into their plush abode. However, they can not conspire on this one. “Don’t talk while it’s playing,” HoH Mzamo charged at his mates.

The Housemates tried figuring out a way to select the best Chambermates but this proved futile after MK reminded them that they were “to not try and influence each others” Votes.

“At the end of the day, we’re each here with our own strategies, so stick to your game, stick to your game plan,” Vanessa warned. As if to remind them that they were indeed individuals in this game.

It looks like Chambermate Kgosi has won some much-needed favour or is it love among the ladies as one of them was heard shouting “oh I love this guy,” as Kgosi read out the Task brief to the Chambermates. However, this is just Day 1 and this aspiring filmmaker will have to do more than charm the ladies.

One person he definitely got through to is Big Brother after requesting to call Biggie “Abuti”, which means brother in Tswana and Sotho.

The joy of Big Brother Mzansi, the flexibility to celebrate the 11 official languages of our rainbow nation.

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