Gino Eugene Biography

Gino “Eugene Smith” is a South African Chess-board maker and reality TV star from Cape Town. He was a housemate on Big Brother Mzansi season 2 “Double Trouble” in 2015 where he finished in 15th place.

Gino “Eugene Smith” - Big Brother Mzansi Season 2: Double Trouble Housemate

Quick Facts:

Full/Real Name:Eugene Smith
Residence:Cape Town
Occupation:Chess board maker
Relationship Status:Single
Partner (In the House):Tiffini

Gino loves cycling, is a fan of South African mixed martial arts, and plays the djembe drums (‘I think I’ll rate myself 8 out of 10’).

He says friends and family would describe him as funny, fun and artistic and highlights that he is most proud of the chess sets he builds out of sea shells.

He is expecting to see housemates on the show ‘put up a major front’ before their true colours emerge and notes that he needs to first ‘feel people out’ before he reacts.

He doesn’t like when he is misunderstood, and says his bad habit is that he clucks his tongue. A true fan of the Mother City, Gino says that Cape Town has everything including mountains, sea and beautiful sites.

On the music front, he loves Adele, Linkin Park and The Cranberries and his favourite movies are The Negotiator, 300, From Dusk Til Dawn, GI Jane and Men of Honour.

Gino is single and entered the show with his younger sister Tiffini.

Season Highlights:

Days spent in the house:22
Nominations received:18
Times nominated:1 (Week 3)
Head of House Wins:0

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