‘I Was Called A H*e While I Was A Virgin’ – Says Blue Mbombo

Blue Mbombo is a virgin

Model and Reality TV star Blue Mbombo took to social media over the weekend to show how thick skinned she is by sharing some bits about her past and being called nasty names.

She wrote: “I was called a Hoe while I was a Virgin. They called me Gold-digger yet I lived in a Shack, some said I was Fake coz I wasn’t what they wanted me to be. Truth is people will always talk, what matters is knowing yourself. I know who I AM.”

The model – who is also the face of a cosmetics brand –has come a long way since we were first introduced to her on Big Brother Mzansi.

Check out Blue’s post below:

Continue being being strong Blue..

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Don't mind what the haters say, keep doing your thing Blue. God will always Bless you with success.

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