Day 43 Diary Sessions: Housemates are Ready to Conspire

Big Brother Mzansi 2022 (Season 3) Day 43 Diary Sessions

Nale tells Biggie that she is excited to be in the Top 10, she also says she is now ready to conspire. Nale wants to win this week’s Head of House title, if not, she would rather Gash1 and Thato win it.

Thato strongly believes she will be nominating Tulz and Libo, she also tells Biggie that she feels she is stronger than Venus as far as winning the R2 million is concerned. Thato was blushing when Biggie asked her about Gash1 and the garden kisses, she tells Biggie they’ve decided to pause umjolo until Saturday.

Themba feels confident about tonight’s Head of House games. “Definitely today, I’m going to win HoH,” he stated. If he becomes Head of House, Themba says he will save Gash1. “I’m trying to win Gash1 over”. He also tells Biggie that he wants Gash1, Libo, Terry and Tulz in his alliance.

Tulz tells Biggie that he suspects he is likely to be nominated tonight. “I definitely don’t feel safe.” However, Themba could be saving him, if he wins Head of House. Tulz also says that despite blindsiding Thato and Sis Tamara last week, he didn’t want them to get evicted.

Mphowabadimo tells Biggie that she will be giving her everything to tonight’s Head of House games, and if she doesn’t win, anyone who hasn’t won yet deserves to win. About her approach to the Conspiracy Corner, She says; “It’s time to ruffle some feathers”.

Libo tells Biggie that his Top 5 prediction is; Mphowabadimo, Sis Tamara, Venus, Gash1 and himself. He says that he is well prepared for today’s Head of House games, to the extent that he even changed his meditation routine.

Venus tells Biggie that the Housemates are overthinking right now, the game is messing with their heads. She also says that Sis Tamara and Mphowabadimo refusing to enter into alliances is putting a target on their backs.

Sis Tamara is happy that she survived her first Nomination and it has upped her confidence. She says she’s not done with that Head of House crown and that tonight it’ll be feet on their necks as usual. About her Nominations strategy, she says: “I’m going for the jugular”. Sis Tamara also says the reasons Tulz gave for not saving her aren’t cutting it.

Terry tells Biggie that she predicts herself to be in the Top 5 and nobody else at the moment, she says she would like to see Venus and Libo win Head of House today. Terry also confirms that she is in alliance with Libo and Tulz.

Gash1 tells Biggie that he’s happy to have made a “genuine connection” with Thato. He feels Venus will have great influence on tonight’s Nominations. Gash1 also tells Biggie that Terry told him he’s always on the chopping block because the Housemates want him out.

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