Yemi Cregx | Big Brother Titans Season 1

Yemi Cregx is a Nigerian model, actor, branding strategist, fashion influencer, content creator, and host. He was a housemate in Big Brother Titans Season 1 (Ziyakhala Wahala) in 2023 where he spent 50 days.

Yemi Cregx - Big Brother Titans Season 1 housemate from Nigeria
Yemi Cregx – Big Brother Titans Season 1 housemate.

Yemi Cregx’s Biography

Full name:Yemi Cregx
Birthplace:Ekiti State, Nigeria
Residence:Lagos State, Nigeria
Occupation:Actor, model, content creator, fashion influencer

Yemi Cregx is tall, dark, handsome, confident, and outgoing. While he is a highly competitive individual, he’s also known for wearing his heart on his sleeve. What’s there not to like?

He is in the Big Brother Titans house to showcase his talent and diverse skills. Yemi Cregx has worked in several different industries and is a fun-loving team player.

Yemi Cregx is also the very first Mr. University Africa.

Originally from Ekiti State, Yemi Cregx currently lives in Lagos State.

Season History

Pair Partner:Nelisa
Days In House:50
HOH Wins:1 (Week 6)
Nominations Received:18
Times Nominated:6 (Weeks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7)
Times Saved:1 (Week 3)

Nominations History

WeekNominatedNominated ByFinal Position
1.Nana, OliviaJaypee, Nana, Blaqboi, OliviaNominated
2.Sandra, Theo Traw, Yvonne, JustinIpeleng, Blaqboi, Yvonne, Justin, Jaypee, LukayNominated
3.Jaypee, Lukay, Ipeleng, BlaqboiThabang, Nana, Mmeli, Jenni OSaved
4.Jenni O, Mmeli, Olivia, Juicy JayTsatsii, Ebubu, Jenni O, Mmeli, Thabang, NanaNominated
5.Kanaga Jnr, Blue Aiva, Blaqboi, IpelengThabang, Nana, Blaqboi, IpelengNominated
6.Thabang, Nana, Ebubu, TsatsiiHead of House
7.Justin, Yvonne, Juicy Jay, OliviaJuicy Jay, Olivia, Blaqboi, Ipeleng, Thabang, Nana, Justin, YvonneNominated


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