There is both war and peace inside the Big Brother house

There is both war and peace inside Biggie's house

Of recent the Chambermates have had an all you need is sweet love attitude while the housemates have constantly been at each other’s throats.

The fact that the housemates have all the things that keep them comfortable that is to say the garden, the jacuzzi and many other luxuries, they are proving to be at each other’s throats.

During the past two days we’ve witnessed fur fly between Loko, Mzamo and beauty queen Vanessa. In fact the heated discussions have reduced some girls inside the house to tears. Lola felt she had been attacked by Thando and sobbed on her bed out of frustration.

On the other side in the Chamber house, the Chambermates have showna close-knit camaraderie for the most part despite that fact that they have no garden.

Can we say that it’s because there game strategies are out of their control since it’s only the housemates in the main hoiuse that will be deciding their fate?

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