The boys may fail their Valentines Day surprise task

Valentines Day surprise task

The ladies had to go back o their parlour so that they could spy on the guys over wine and strawberries.

On the other hand the guys were completely unaware that other than the viewers, the girls were hidden in a Secret location watching and listening to their every word.

Just like they’ve always done, the boys didn’t hesitate to blast off into their planning of their Secret Task where they have to surprise the girls on Valentines day with something romantic.

The girls blushed when they watched as the guys brainstormed the surprise with much energy, the guys captivated and the girls hung on their every word.

The guys conversation was steered by apparent love experts Mandla, Sol and Kgosi who came up with ideas about the kind of food and music that would seduce the ladies and impress them.

The girls lapped it all up until the truth came out that the guys had actually been given this Task and had to do well to earn immunity. It all dawned on the girls that they would be pawns in the guys game and they were not about to play that role, girlfriend!

The girls delight quickly turned into sour lemons as they started plotting to sabotage the surprise. Kat suggested that the girls should throw a spanner in the works by faking a mean bout of PMS.

Mandla went on to boast to the guys about how he already had Thando and Lexi throw themselves at him and how he would have them eating out of the palm of his hand. Thando and Lexi stole awkward glares at each other when they heard this.

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