Thabang Mazibuko | Big Brother Titans Season 1

Thabang Mazibuko is a South African sports data analyst, he was a housemate in Big Brother Titans Season 1 (Ziyakhala Wahala) in 2023 where he spent 71 days.

Thabang Mazibuko - Big Brother Titans Season 1 housemate from South Africa
Thabang Mazibuko – Big Brother Titans Season 1 housemate.

Thabang’s Biography

Full name:Thabang Mazibuko
Birthplace:Soweto, South Africa
Residence:Johannesburg, South Africa
Nationality:South African
Occupation:Sports data analyst

If anyone understands the game, it’s Thabang. This Soweto native is in his hustle mode and although his focus is on the grind, he doesn’t neglect any opportunity for groove.

Charming and level-headed, Thabang is also in touch with his emotions, and his drive and focus don’t diminish his love for fun.

Thabang’s mother suggested he enter Big Brother Titans, he loves learning about other people’s cultures. He used to play the violin and loves listening to amapiano music.

Season History

Pair Partner:Nana
Days In House:71
Prizes Won:$2,000
HOH Wins:1 (Week 5)
Nominations Received:17
Times Nominated:5 (Weeks 3, 4, 6, 9, and 10)
Times Saved:0

Nominations History

WeekNominatedNominated ByFinal Position
1.Nana, Justin
2.Sandra, Theo Traw, Yvonne, JustinJuicy Jay, Olivia, Theo Traw, Sandra
3.Nelisa, Yemi Cregx, Jaypee, LukayMarvin, Yaya, Juicy Jay, Olivia, Ebubu, Tsatsii, Lukay, JaypeeNominated
4.Marvin, Yaya, Yemi Cregx, NelisaKanaga Jnr, Blue Aiva, Marvin, YayaNominated
5.Nelisa, Yemi Cregx, Yaya, MarvinImmuneHead of House
6.Miracle OP, Khosi, Kanaga Jnr, Blue AivaYemi Cregx, Nelisa, Juicy Jay, OliviaNominated
7.Nelisa, Yemi Cregx, Blue Aiva, Kanaga Jnr
8.No NominationsNo Nominations
9.Yvonne, Kanaga JnrYvonne, BlaqboiNominated
10.Kanaga Jnr, YvonneIpeleng, Yvonne, Ebubu, Blaqboi, Kanaga JnrNominated


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11 Responses

  1. Swazi says:

    Thabang is smart

  2. Patience Ibile says:

    Nana our queen, we love you. Keep being you.

  3. Tholakele says:

    Thabang all the way 💆‍♀️❤️

  4. Divine says:

    Thabang all the way

  5. Cate says:


  6. fikille says:

    Thabang to the end.
    We love you booi

  7. Kate Maputla says:

    My favorite housemate is Thabang ,I like to see him to the last day of bigbrother ‘s end,My vote will always on Thabang until the end of show,we love you Thabang do you’re games there,we are behind you#BBTittans.

  8. Kate Maputla says:

    Thabang is smart and intelligent 👌 you got my vote .

  9. Kate Maputla says:

    My vote goes to Thabang until the end.

  10. Kate Maputla says:

    Thabang all the way

  11. Ramohapi says:

    Thabang all the way for moolah

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