Nana Basheru | Big Brother Titans Season 1

Nana whose real name is “Blessing Basheru”, is a Nigerian entrepreneur, she was a housemate in Big Brother Titans Season 1 (Ziyakhala Wahala) in 2023 where she spent 64 days.

Nana Basheru - Big Brother Titans Season 1 housemate from Nigeria
Nana Basheru – Big Brother Titans Season 1 housemate.

Nana’s Biography

Full name:Blessing Basheru
Birthplace:Kaduna State, Nigeria
Residence:Kaduna State, Nigeria

Nana’s soft and zen personality draws everyone to her. She does not, however, conform to social norms. We are getting ready to be intrigued!

She is a nice girl from Nigeria, but has dubbed herself a troublemaker and believes she’ll step on people’s toes.

She Nana comes off as timid but it may be a case of still waters running deep.

Season History

Pair Partner:Thabang
Days In House:64
Prizes Won:$1,520
HOH Wins:1 (Week 5)
Nominations Received:21
Times Nominated:5 (Weeks 1, 3, 4, 6, and 9)
Times Saved:0

Nominations History

WeekNominatedNominated ByFinal Position
1.Yemi Cregx, JaypeeMmeli, Juicy Jay, Thabang, Justin, Tsatsii, Yemi Cregx, Nelisa, Ebubu, Yaya
2.Sandra, Theo Traw, Yvonne, JustinJuicy Jay, Olivia, Theo Traw, Sandra
3.Nelisa, Yemi Cregx, Jaypee, LukayMarvin, Yaya, Juicy Jay, Olivia, Ebubu, Tsatsii, Lukay, JaypeeNominated
4.Marvin, Yaya, Yemi Cregx, NelisaKanaga Jnr, Blue Aiva, Marvin, YayaNominated
5.Nelisa, Yemi Cregx, Yaya, MarvinImmuneHead of House
6.Miracle OP, Khosi, Kanaga Jnr, Blue AivaYemi Cregx, Nelisa, Juicy Jay, OliviaNominated
7.Nelisa, Yemi Cregx, Blue Aiva, Kanaga Jnr
8.No NominationsNo Nominations
9.Miracle OP, Blue AivaTsatsii, Blue AivaNominated


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