Mbali Zulu has been Disqualified from the show

Mbali Zulu disqualified from Big Brother Mzansi

After spending 13 days in the Big Brother Mzansi house, Mbali Zulu has been disqualified from the Big Brother game after he broke one of the game’s rule.

The fact that the mood in the Chamber has been getting worse day by day this week, things didn’t go Mbali’s way today.

Big Brother ordered all the Chambermates to move into the lounge and nobody expected what happened next. The Big one “Big Brother” then played a clip of an altercation between Mbali, Iris and Jenayne. In this video clip, Mbali can be spotted handling Iris in a way that is inappropriate with Jenayne admonishing him in the background.

Honestly speaking this is one of the behaviors that rub Big Brother the wrong way and he cannot tolerate.

That being said, Mbali has been disqualified from Big Brother Mzansi secrets and he was ordered to pack his bags and leave the house immediately.

Mbali took an effort to apologise to Iris about the altercation in particular, he also apologized to all the other Chambermates in general.

Truthfully speaking, all the Chambermates couldn’t hide their shock and horror.

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