Mandla fits in Lexi’s panties

Mandla Lexi panty

As you’ve already seen this guy, he doesn’t stop when he starts. Today in the morning, Mandla had one for us when he entered the kitchen putting on his lady’s panties.

While in the kitchen, Head of House Mandla joked as he pranced, “I feel so liberated,”. He then decided that he wanted to try out all the other girl’s panties in the nearby future.

He then pointed at the dumbfounded girls while saying that I am daring myself to wear your thongs. Vanessa then stood her ground saying that she cannot at any one moment give out her panties to anyone like that.

Mean while Mandla put it clear that little Loko’s thongs were the only ones that were safe from his ashen behind. He then ordered his on and off girlfriend Lexi to find him everyone’s thongs.

Would you give anyone your thongs?

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