“Lexi is not a main chick kind of girl” – says Kgosi

Kgosi on Lexi

Surely we didn’t know that there were a lot of secrets in the Big Brother house, today the girls were in the parlor for their Big Brother Mzansi secrets task enjoying themselves as they had conversations about the dudes.

Initially everything was progressing smoothly and before they got onto their secrets task, they heard the guys talking about beauty queen Lexi.

What they heard first came from the new housemate Kgosi, he said that Lexi is not a main chick kind of girl but rather a side chick kind of girl.

They heard all this through the TV in the parlour room and the girls were totally shocked by what they heard and ofcourse the guys did continue with the tittle-tattle oblivious of the fact that the girls were listening to the conversation.

After hearing these remarks against her, Lexi was so much disappointed at Mandla when he said she was “being psycho”. Vanessa too didn’t have any words to say.

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