Jase Biography

Jase whose real name is “Jason Du Plessis” is a South African reality TV star from Durban. He was a housemate on Big Brother Mzansi season 1 (Secrets) in 2014 where he finished in 11th place.

Jase - Big Brother Mzansi Season 1: Secrets Housemate

Quick Facts:

Real/Full Name:Jason Du Plessis

Jase describes himself as adventurous and sociable, he is a sports fan and adrenaline junkie.

He considers his younger brother his best friend in the world, Jase dislikes hypocritical people who lack motivation. He looks up to US President Barack Obama.

Jase is single, enjoys partying and has a dog named Tess.

His favourite piece of advice comes from his mom who said, “Stay true to yourself and lead a good life”.

He says that the thrill of not knowing whether audiences will keep him in the house or not is part of the attraction of participating in the Big Brother Mzansi.

Jase says that he likes South Africans because they have their own distinct lingo. Bad habits include pinching his nose and sticking his hands in his pockets a lot.

Season Highlights:

Days spent in the house:42
Nominations received:10
Times nominated:2 (Weeks 5 & 6)
Votes to Save:0
Head of House Wins:1 (Week 4)

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