Dominique Ashen Biography

Dominique Ashen is a South African Marketing/Advertising executive and reality TV star from Durbanville, Cape Town. She was a housemate in Big Brother South Africa season 2 in 2002 where she finished in 12th place.

Dominique Ashen - Big Brother South Africa Season 2 Housemate

Date of birth: 6 August 1976

Age on entry: 25

Occupation: Marketing/Advertising executive

Hometown: Durbanville, Cape Town

Star sign: Leo

Relationship status: In a committed relationship

Favourite food: Viennas

Favourite movie/actor: Tom Cruise

Favourite song/singer: Ja Rule

Bad habits: I frown a lot! People often misinterpret my frowning and think I’m mad when I’m actually concentrating

Way to relax: Gym, shopping, taking walks on the beach

Hero: My mom and dad

Phobias/Irritations: I’m scared of spiders and darkness. Irritations: people who are always late

Motto: Life is a journey, not a destination

Season Highlights:

Number of days in the house:8
Nominations received:6
Times nominated:1 (week 1)

Nomination History:

WeekNominatedNominated ByResult
1– Groschaan
– Zlatko
– Groschaan
– Ilse-Marie
– Mandy
– Rabin
– Richard
– Zlatko

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