Day 43: Big Brother Mzansi 2022 Week 7 Voting Poll

The Big Brother Mzansi 2022 (Season 3) Week 7 Voting Poll is here.

Big Brother Mzansi 2022 (Season 3) week 7 nominated housemates

The nominations have taken place, the housemates have made their decisions and it is now time for voting.

This week we have five housemates up for possible eviction from the Big Brother Mzansi house, these are; Mphowabadimo, Nale, Gash1, Thato and Venus.

We would like you all the let us know who you’re voting for this week by participating in our Online Poll below;

BBMzansi 2022 Week 7: Who Are You Saving?

  • Mphowabadimo (36%, 1,263 Votes)
  • Gash1 (22%, 760 Votes)
  • Thato (19%, 650 Votes)
  • Nale (14%, 496 Votes)
  • Venus (9%, 330 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,171

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Alternatively you can tell us which housemates you’re saving this week by dropping their names in the comment section below.


Big Brother Mzansi 2022 Week 6 Voting Results

Libo Njomba Wins Week 7 Head Of House Title

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210 Responses

  1. Mulalo says:

    Gash 1 and thato

  2. Mulalo says:

    Gash 1

  3. Mulalo says:


  4. Ronewa says:

    Gash 1,Thato and Venus

  5. pastyman7 says:

    Thato my bbg ALL THE WAY #bigiemzansi

  6. pastyman7 says:

    Thato my bbg ALL THE WAY 2m #biggie//mzansi

  7. Dimakatso says:

    Mpho wa badimo

  8. Dimakatso says:

    Gash 1

  9. Khethiwe says:

    I’m saving Thato

  10. Maria says:

    Mphowabadimo 2m is yours girl.

  11. rebecca coetzee says:


  12. Zanele says:

    Mphowabadimo😍💖❤️I am saving her cause she strongest competitor for all

  13. Sylviakardashi1 says:

    Naleeee is no going anywhere ,we will continue watching and reading your comments after that we go and vote for our gal

  14. Nyiko says:


  15. cha says:

    voting for nale

  16. Sinah says:

    No matter what , always gng to be by ur side Mphowabadimo.

  17. pastyman7 says:

    Thato and Gesh 1 All the way #Biggiemzansi

  18. Nthabi says:

    Mpho and Gash 1 voting for them 100 times

  19. Thapi says:


  20. Tshiashi says:

    Mpho you’re threat to all of them
    So you’re not going mpho all the way

  21. Bertha says:

    Mphowabadimo all the way

  22. seipati molefe says:


  23. Namhla-Mpofu says:

    Gash1 you are safe, voting for you non stop

  24. seipati molefe says:


  25. seipati molefe says:


  26. vuyiswa says:


  27. FRANCINAH says:

    #Thato’sGame yes girl, I never understood Gash1 until I saw how he treats Thato

  28. Joan Phumzile says:

    Nale I love you gal, hang in there lots of love

  29. Mulalo says:

    Am saving Nale

  30. Mulalo says:

    Nale all the way

  31. Mulalo says:

    Mohowabadimo and nale

  32. Mulalo says:


  33. Zanele says:


  34. Thuli radebe says:

    voting for venus

  35. Thuli radebe says:


  36. pastyman7 says:

    I am happy to see my favgirls ( Thato and Mpho) having a beautiful moment together #bbmzansi

  37. Basiami Thutlwa says:

    Team Nale

  38. Bonny says:

    Thato all the way

  39. Bonny says:

    Thato all the way bantu

  40. thuli says:


  41. Thuli says:


  42. momo says:

    Gash 1 all the way mfana wa sosha

  43. Mosidi says:

    Voting for Gash1 and Thato

  44. Mosidi says:

    Saving Gash1 and Thato

  45. Nthabi says:

    Saving Gash 1 and Mpho 100 times

  46. Sindy says:

    Naleeee yu safe

  47. Sindy says:

    Nale its a game babes but am voting for yu

  48. Sindy says:

    Nale yu not going anywhere

  49. Sindy says:

    I dont see my votes pls i just voted#nale

  50. Lesego says:

    Am saving Gash1 and Thato please

  51. Bontle says:


  52. Mosuana says:

    Mpho to win. Go girl

  53. Mosuana says:

    Mpho to win

  54. Sindy says:

    Nallllle my fav.girl

  55. Sindy says:

    Voting for Nalllllle

  56. Kedibone says:

    Mphowabadimo all the way #underground gang❤️💪

  57. Lebogang says:

    Thato all the way

  58. Nicky says:

    Mphopho wabadimo all the way💕💕

  59. Nani says:

    Mpho for life

  60. joy says:

    Am voting for Gash and Thato Just to spite the trio…😉

  61. Fundiswa says:

    Thato all the way 🥰

  62. Fundiswa says:

    Team Thato

  63. Mosuana says:

    Mphowabadimo all the way

  64. Sam says:


  65. Lebogang says:


  66. Lebogang says:

    Team thato

  67. Lebogang says:

    Gash1 and thato

  68. Nthabi says:

    Voting beautiful mphowabadimo 100 times

  69. Rose says:

    I love Thato and Gash1……all de way

  70. Rose says:

    #Gash1 and #Thato…everyday…wish they can show you guys …alone

  71. Rose says:

    We are waiting for the picnic…..biggie

  72. Thandeka Motloung says:

    Team Mphowabadimo💖💖💖💖

  73. Rose says:

    #Gash1 #Thato …best couple ever…am voting for you guys….#Bbmzansi

  74. Lungile says:

    My angel venus lov u

  75. Lungile says:

    Venus the 2m it’s for you lov

  76. Nomthy says:

    Mphowabadimo all the way

  77. Nomthy says:

    I vote for mphowabadimo all the way she is the queen

  78. Rose says:

    Yoo …how i wish they can show us Gash1 and Thato….fela..luv dem together #Gash1 and Thato =Gath

  79. Rose says:

    Please…biggie don’t let our couple separate dis Sunday…please..please #Thash love dem…yesssses

  80. AGNES KGATSELE says:


  81. Sedi says:

    Saving Gash 1 and Thato

  82. Cynthia says:

    Gash1 all the way

  83. Lesedi says:

    Gash 1 please

  84. Mamasi says:

    Please let’s save Gash 1

  85. Thabo says:

    Thato and Gash1, our lovely couple

  86. Tshepi says:

    Gash1 and Thato “Thashsip👌

  87. Tshepiso says:

    Gash1 you are saved

  88. Patricia says:

    Saving Thato

  89. Puleng says:


  90. Mpho says:

    Gash 1 we save you

  91. Tumelo says:

    Gash 1

  92. Mrs T says:

    Please guys Nale our girl

  93. Thapelo says:

    Gash1 I save you boi

  94. Eazy says:

    Gash 1 and Thato

  95. Hlezi says:

    I’m saving Nale

  96. Thato says:

    I’m voting Gash1

  97. Nthabiseng says:

    Gash 1 all the way

  98. Mosidi says:

    Voting Gash1

  99. Adelaide says:

    Let’s save Gash 1

  100. Ntombi says:

    Gash 1 you are safe

  101. Melissa says:

    Gash 1 all the way

  102. Boiky says:

    My boy Gash1

  103. Mickey says:


  104. Lorraine says:

    Gash lama Gusheshe

  105. Lele says:

    Gash 1

  106. Babalwa says:

    Mpho wabadimo my fav

  107. Nomsa says:


  108. Monica says:

    Gash1 all the way

  109. Mimi says:

    Gash1 boi

  110. nedo says:

    Mpho wa badimo for 2m

  111. nedo says:

    THE GIFT OF THE GODS FOR 2M Mphowabadimo

  112. nedo says:

    Voting for Mphowabadimo

  113. nedo says:

    Saving Mphowabadimo

  114. nedo says:

    Mphowabadimo you are safe

  115. nedo says:

    Queen Mphowabadimo is safe

  116. nedo says:


  117. nedo says:

    Mphowabadimo ,you are safe

  118. nedo says:

    Saving Mphowabadimo

  119. nedo says:

    Mphowabadimo for 2million

  120. nedo says:

    2million for Mphowabadimo

  121. nedo says:

    Mphowabadimo all the way

  122. nedo says:

    Mphowabadimo the money is yours , my vote for you

  123. nedo says:

    Mphowabadimo u are safe

  124. nedo says:

    Voting Mphowabadimo

  125. nedo says:

    My love Mphowabadimo ,the lucky one , you are safe

  126. nedo says:

    The angel of big brother house ,you are safe

  127. Khanya says:

    Mpho all the way

  128. nedo says:

    Mphowabadimo for the win

  129. Sindy says:

    Gash1 all the way 2m is yours

  130. Sindy says:


  131. Sindy says:

    Gash1 cool guy all the way

  132. Sindy says:


  133. Sindy says:

    Libbbbbbo i respect yu for hoh this week yu the boss

  134. Sindy says:

    Libbbbbbo yu soooo handsome boy 2m is yours

  135. nedo says:

    Mphowabadimo for moola

  136. nedo says:

    The money is yours Mphowabadimo

  137. nedo says:

    Mphowabadimo dear relax , u are safe

  138. nedo says:

    Mphoza Mphowabadimo 2m is yours

  139. nedo says:

    Mphowabadimo , beautiful girl inside and out , you are safe

  140. nedo says:

    My Mphowabadimo the winner of bib brother mzansi 2022

  141. nedo says:

    Mpho is the winner;winner is Mphowabadimo

  142. nedo says:

    My queen the money belongs to you and you are safe

  143. nedo says:

    Role model of many Mphowabadimo ; you are safe

  144. nedo says:

    Descent and quite lady is Mphowabadimo , i like the way you handle yourself.You are our pride

  145. nedo says:

    i am voting for Mphowabadimo

  146. nedo says:

    Africa say Mphowabadimo is safe

  147. nedo says:

    ANC says Mphowabadimo is save

  148. nedo says:

    All the churches says Mphowabadimo is save

  149. nedo says:

    The Government says Mphowabadimo is save

  150. nedo says:

    Mpho,Mpho Mhowabadimo is save

  151. nedo says:

    Mphowabadimo kill them softly, the money belongs to you

  152. nedo says:

    Mpho u are safe Mphowabadimo, the winner of 2million

  153. Phindi says:


  154. Hlonizar says:

    I’m saving Thato, what will the house party be without her.

  155. Palesa mashiane says:

    I vote for Gesh1

  156. Ads says:

    My MphoWabadimo all the way

  157. Ads says:

    Saving MphoWabadimo

  158. Ads says:

    Going with MphoWabadimo #Dlozilam

  159. Annahrakhabutlane says:

    Mpho wa badimo you are safe baby

  160. Annahrakhabutlane says:

    Mpho wa badimo all the way

  161. Nobuzwe Venfolo says:

    Im saving tatho my gal Iwant to see more

  162. norah madiba says:

    Libbbbbbo am so proud of yu, never thought yu can carry that HOH so well, may the gud Lord be with yu in this journey. Yu are blessed

  163. sindy says:

    Be the best yu can Libbbbbbbo, so handsome boy with a gud heart

  164. sindy says:

    Liboooooo hope yu get to top 5 guys keep votes coming for Libo all the time hes’s up

  165. sindy says:

    Libo, Libza love yu boy

  166. sindy says:

    Libbbbbbo am so proud of yu, never thought yu can carry that HOH so well, may the gud Lord be with yu in this journey. Yu are blessed

  167. Rose says:

    We love watching Thash1..and de day u start shipping Gash1 and Terry …am no longer watching bigbrother

  168. Rose says:

    Thash1 all de way

  169. Tshwani says:

    Thato always

  170. Nthati Moleleki says:

    Mphowabalimo ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤣

  171. Rose says:

    Batho ba peinelwa tjoooo….#Gash1 #Thato

  172. Rose says:

    Morning…gusheshe le motho wa gago….#Gash1 and #Thato #Thash1 …..

  173. Rose says:

    Thatooo and Gash1…all de way

  174. Rose says:

    Housemates… tsa ko Thash1….ke di haters yooo #Thash1

  175. Rose says:

    Mara …Gash1 ga a ba hemisi……shame..#Gash1 #Thato

  176. Rose says:

    This guys love’s gossip yoo…aowa..#Thash1

  177. Rose says:

    Nna just love/like de relationship between Thash1…….#team Thaaaatooooo nd Gashhhhhh1

  178. Rose says:

    Yooh this couple I enjoy seeing…everyday, I even sleep late everyday….because of dem…#Thash1 all the way

  179. Rose says:

    So what ..If Gash1 is motivating Thato to win today or Thato is cheering Gash1…yooh those boys can gossip…ba bora…#Gash1 #Thato

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