Day 40: Housemates’ Dairy Sessions

The Big Brother Mzansi 2022 (Season 3) housemates diary sessions of Day 40 were not but interesting as they spoke to Big Brother.

Big Brother Mzansi 2022 Day 40 Dairy Sessions

Gash1 says he has drifted apart from Mphowabadimo, Thato and Terry, but there’s hope. Gash1 also says he’s not the wildcard, none of that in the CBD. He also tells Biggie that he misses Norman.

Libo says he feels lonely because unlike the other guys, he’s not getting attention from the ladies. But, “I’m here for the R2 million.” He doesn’t believe there’s a wildcard in the house and he still sees himself in the Grand Final.

Mphowabadimo says she’s mending fences with Gash1 and Themba. She is also taking it slow with Thato and intends to reach out. Mphowabadimo further says that she has no negative energy towards Libo, but she doubts they can re-ignite their original bond now.

Nale says she has the best relationship with Venus in the Big Brother house. She also says Tulz needs to chill out. He’s doing way too much. Nale also makes it clear that she doesn’t want to live “like it’s Armageddon everyday” in the House. We love the soft life.

Nthabii believes if there’s a wildcard in the house it would be Gash1 because he presses buttons. She wishes Dinkybliss could have stayed longer. She further tells Biggie that Tulz moves different when he’s with a certain crowd.

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Sis Tamara says there is a possibility of them leaving the house this Sunday but at the same time, it’s bittersweet because they need to know. Sis Tamara also says their friendship with Terry is shaking, they further tell Biggie that there are no hard feelings for Tulz.

Terry says her friendship with Sis Tamara is dented because Sis Tamara panicked about losing her to Vyno. At the moment she’s getting closer to Libo and Tulz. Terry also says that Thato is forced to be fake-nice with Tulz.

Thato says she and Themba are not close anymore and that there is tension between Terry and Sis Tamara.

Themba says while he is getting to know Gash1, he’s rolling alone. “I’m a lone ranger.” He also says that it will end in tears for Mphowabadimo and Nthabii. The chopping block calls. Themba also says that the Tulz and Libo friendship will soon be history.

Tulz compares the first time he was Head of House to the current term, he says it’s obviously no stroll in the park.

Venus had special shout-outs to all the housemates who have been evicted so far.

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