Day 36: Tulz wins Week 6 Head of House title

Tulz has won the Big Brother Mzansi 2022 (Season 3) week 6 Head of House title.

Tulz wins Big Brother Mzansi 2022 (season 3) Week 6 Head of House title

Today in the evening Big Brother summoned all the housemates to arena for this week’s Head of House challenge.

Whoever was to win the Head of House crown would not only have immunity from this week’s nominations, but also be able to up their leverage to influence the entire house.

The challenge kicked off without the outgoing Head of House, Sis Tamara participating and in the end it was Tulz who emerged the winner.

Tulz is now officially this week’s Head of House and he has also selected Libo to be his deputy Head of House.

Both Tulz and Libo are now safe and don’t need to sweat at this week’s nominations which are coming up shortly.

So what do you have to say about Tulz’s victory today? kindly share your views with us by dropping them in the comment section below.

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13 Responses

  1. Naledi says:

    Mphowabadimo till finale

    • Winnie Mapeta says:

      Congratulations to Tulz .however it was venison chance to win the HOH. . Tulz thinks he has already won the fame but its not. I think being humble like sis Tamara will help him win

  2. Modiehi says:

    My love pours to you Mpho

  3. Modiehi says:

    To the finals MPHOWABADIMO

  4. Modiehi says:

    No matter their hate on you girl.2m its your Mpho.

  5. Selelo Padi says:

    I’m saving nthabii my home girl

  6. Selelo Padi says:

    Nthabii with double ii

  7. Menzie says:

    Thado all the way

  8. Menzie says:

    Thado and themba all the way

  9. Phindile Ntuli says:

    Mphowabadimo the money until the end

  10. Nandi says:

    Tulz is taking 2million, my vote for you

  11. Nandi says:

    #Tulz# you play the game smart, my vote to you

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