BBMzansi Season 3: Housemates run for emergency in today’s task

Big Brother Mzansi 2014 Housemates emergency task

In the middle of the thought provoking discussions between the Housemates in the kitchen about guys marrying girls with qualities similar to their mothers.

An alarming siren went off and the Housemates immediately ran downstairs to rescue a ‘Housemate'(mannequin) from the kitchen after too much smoke inhalation.

As part of their task, the Housemates were supposed to rescue the ‘Housemate’ and get his/her blood flowing.

The Housemate “James” was taken successfully to the garden and carefully laid down by the Housemates. Instead of saving “James” the Housemates stood in confusion and just starred at him.

We don’t know how the Housemates performed in their Task. Will Biggie reward them for their effort?

We will need to stay tuned to know what Biggie thinks.

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  1. Thembi says:

    I’m saving sis Tamara ,he is always himself and think about other people.What he says always stand on it .He is proud of how he is and not shy at all.
    I would say forward sesi Tamara don’t change😍

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