September 07, 2016

Is This Blue Mbombo's New Boyfriend??

Following her unexpected break-up with rapper K2, Blue Mbombo might have got herself a new lover according to what can be seen in the picture above.

Well fans of Blue Mbombo and K2 aka 'royals' are no settled ever since the pair stopped being together, posting photos on social media while together and supporting each other on different social media platforms like they used to do.

Rumours then started circulating that Blue and K2 had called it quits months back, well the truth is that the pair are not dating currently.

They broke-up more than 5 weeks ago and to add salt to the wound, they didn't even make any statement to their die-hard fans about the unexpected decision.

K2 is said to have moved on with his life and he's currently dating a yellow bone as we reported here on [Read More On That Here].

We are not yet sure if Blue has also hooked up another bae, however one of our undercover reporters tells us that Blue is already seeing someone special.

And when we came across this photo, we had one big question if this is Blue Mbombo's new boyfriend.
What we can confirm is that Blue and K2 are nolonger dating, however we have not yet confirmed if the guy in photo above is Blue's new bae. Rather we are just suspecting him to be the one!!!

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  1. haibo! this is nonsense, why are people after K2 and blue with this photo shop pics?