May 10, 2015

Wrapping Up This Week [Week 7]

The second last week in the house has been an eventful and explosive one as was expected Biggie's house. The final Head of House challenge being especially a tense affair as the stakes were higher than all the other challenges as it guaranteed the winners a ticket through to the final. 

The week started off with nominations with Chelsea earning nominations because she was constantly clashing with other housemates, Soxx and Tembi following suit as they were also nominated to contest the final eviction nominations. Soxx and Tembi were considered to be strong contenders for all as were Mbalsea. 

In a hotly contested Head of House challenge, Soxx and Tembi were the final Head of House pair beating off a desperate Blue and K2 in a soap and suds chalenge that had it going down to the wire. They also won a whopping R50 000.00 as part of the prize for winning Head of House. This meant that they didn't have to use their secret immunity to get out of being nominated.  

Ace and Ntombi had yet more spats, it seems as if Ntombi permanently has to keep Ace in check. They do, however chat extensively about their wedding when they  do eventially tie the knot.

K2 decided that since he was Head of House that he would spring clean the house. Meanwhile, it was a week to see who looked like who in the house and you answered with Tembi being likened to India Irie, K2 to Damon Wayons Jr, Kay to Queen Latifah and a whole host more. 

Biggie made the housemates theme for the week "Lost in Time" where the housemates were made to dress like Punks, Hippies, Robots, Cavemen, Zombies and Pirates amongst other themes. They had to stay in character and period dress for a stipulated time of six hours at first but was then bought down to three hours between themes. This exhausted the housemates as Biggie kept the housemates up and busy until all hours of the morning.

There was time to admire the girls in the house who rocked booty shorts. There was some sort of weird tension between Chelsea and Soxx with first them arguing over juice and then with Soxx trying to sneak into Chelsea's bed in the altogether and being rebuffed and it causing a fight between Chelsea and Tembi. Blue kissed Soxx, much to Tembi's chagrin but it did appear that it was more for K2's benefit than anything else and the girls did laugh about it later. 

With the housemates tasked with writing a letter with advice for future housemates on how to get to the final, they were given their best task yet, the chance to create a song and a music video with some real producers. All of them were happy and enthusiastic about the project and put their all into the track and a potential hit was on their hands. 

While Biggie was impressed with the presentation for the weeks wager, he was overall unimpressed with how they had all slept through the Wild West part of the challenge and this meant that they lost the wager. Saturday night's party with the Major League DJz had Mbali busting out her best moves, showing a side of her that no-one expected. Biggie even found the time to give the guys a peace offering with a picnic. With such an eventful week, what will be in store for us next week as the end game is here.

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