May 16, 2015

Who Of You Resembles Any of The Housemates?

Honestly speaking we all have people who resemble us and therefore we would also like to find out those people who resemble the Big Brother Mzansi Double Trouble housemates.
We already know that Blue has an identical twin sister so, that doesn't count. However, it's still fascinating how identical the sisters are. Talk about double the royalty.

We know that there are probably other people and celebrities that resemble Big Brother Mzansi Double Trouble housemates

So, think back to all the housemates we've had and let us know who they look like. It could be your family member, a neighbour, someone from school or even yourself, we want to hear it. 

Below are the rules:

- Comment on this post with the photo of whoever looks like any of the housemates.
- If it's a celebrity, you can just comment with the names.
- If you're feeling creative, then a collage would be great.
- You can also tag us on Twitter and on Instagram.

NOTE: Let's have fun without being mean to any of our housemates. 

Using the hashtag #BBLookalike. Let's explore and see what we come up with. Let's go on a journey to find those doppelgangers

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