May 10, 2015

Which Three Pairs Are Going To The Finals?

10 pairs entered. Four pairs remain. And tonight one more will leave, never to return.

The housemates enjoyed a thrilling weekend thanks to Biggie. They shot the music video for their song the whole of Friday night and it proved to be a dream come true for everyone as they felt like mega stars in front of the smoke machines and bright lights.

The fun didn’t end there either as on Saturday they got to party up a storm with the “Slyza Tsotsi” hitmakers, Major League DJs. The festivities even turned out better than anyone expected as Mbali caught the dance fever and unleashed some killer pantsula moves we didn’t even know she had in her

Even more impressive was the restraint housemates showed as they sipped respectfully on their alcoholic beverages and refrained from getting excessively intoxicated. Biggie must be proud!

But silver linings aren’t silver linings unless they’re around a cloud. Today marks the final eviction before the finale and the nominees, Soxx and Tembi as well as Mbali and Chelsea, are undoubtedly nervous as the end is so close they can almost touch it.

Sadly however there’s nothing they can do about their fate as it all lies in the fans hands. The big question though is who will make the final three? Only you can decide that

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