May 22, 2015

Which Is Your Favourite Head Of House Pair Of BBMzansi Double Trouble?

Through out the 56 days of Big Brother Mzansi Double Trouble, we saw different Head of House pairs and we would like to briefly pass through them after which you'll tell us your favourite HOH pair of BBMzansi Season 2
Below are Heads of House through the entire season two of Big Brother Mzansi;

Week 1: Ex & Lebo

There was no better homage to the saying, ‘right place at the right time’, than when Ex and Lebo had the Head of House title bestowed upon simple because Ex answered the mysterious Red Telephone. Although their rule was unexpected, they still went about it fairly well and displayed some commendable leadership skills especially when it came to the clever rationing of the ever-in-demand cigarettes.

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Week 2: K2 & Blue

They weren’t exactly the first Heads of House however they certainly were the first to acquire the title through winning a task. The Royals then proceeded to bring a whole new dynamic to the leadership role as they made a conscious decision to use their position to wreak havoc and manipulate situations to their advantage.

Week 3: Kay & Pumba

An unlikely pair and an even more unprecedented rule. Kay and Pumba flipped the status quo on its head when they came into power. Their first, and largely unpopular, decree was that all unlabelled alcohol was to be shared amongst everyone and the second was to not bother them with petty complains. Talk about switching things up! 

There was however one hurdle they couldn’t’ escape during their tenure and that was the excruciating liquid diet that caused turmoil throughout the week.

Week 4: Chelsea & Mbali

After coming very close in previous challenges, the only all-girl duo of Chelsea and Mbali finally cracked the code to win their turn at the top of the totem pole. 

Their run came smack dab in the middle of a Wild Week however despite a few hiccups, they managed to steer the house to a much need wager win. At the end of it all though the girls found their relationship seriously strained thanks to the occasional blame game when it came to duties and it was unclear if they’re ever find their sisterly love for one another again.

Week 5: Tembi & Soxx

Thrown into the deep end after a turn of events, Soxx and Tembi found themselves miraculously winning the Head of House title before the ink had even dried on their new partnership. Their politically correct and laid back demeanour though spelt for disaster as HoH. A lack of laying down the law in a bid to be ‘cool with everyone’ saw them receiving the total opposite result. Fortunately though the pair managed to shift and adjust in the nick of time and averted HoH disaster.

Week 6: K2 & Blue

As the end drew nearer, The Royals found themselves stamping their authority and proving that they were fast becoming the ones to beat. Although they lost the previous 

week’s HoH title by a whisker, the second time round they made sure that they became the first pair to receive the crown twice! They’re second go at the top spot was even more eventful as not only was it the hilarious Non Sense Week, K2 had to live a double life as he was appointed on of Biggie’s Secret Agents by the viewers. 

Towards the end of their term though things briefly took a turn for the worse when Biggie presented them with a fake swap. The move saw Blue and K2 being split and having to pair with Pumba and Kay instead, a decision that rocked the very core of their relationship. Thankfull for them though it was all part of the Non Sense Week and didn’t even last a day. Their second reign then came to an end when the house was reset.

Week 7: Tembi & Soxx

Having found their footing and with a new found vigour, the flaming couple won the HoH a second time to match K2 and Blue’s record. This time though their tenure was to be shorter as it came at the end of the infamous Non Sense Week however that didn’t stop the lovers from making the most of it. From massages to most importantly not having to worry about eviction, their second shot at HoH was certainly their most pleasant.

Week 8: K2 & Blue

At this point it was clear that The Royals were near unstoppable. They officially cemented their position as the ones to look out for as they attained the HoH title for an unprecedented third time. Their win though was more symbolic than anything as it ultimately guaranteed them a place in the finals with a Immunity Idol to spare.

Week 9: Free for all

The final week of Big Brother offered everyone the chance to rule as Head of House one last time. Because the house still required order even though a Head of House wouldn’t receive immunity or the power to Save and Replace, Biggie informed that they’d all play leader for a specific amount of time. The decision was especially special for Ace and Ntombi who were the only finalists to have never had a taste of the title.

Who was your favourite Head of House pair throughout this season?

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