May 09, 2015

Whats In The Future For K2 And Tembi?

It was only the two of them in the kitchen with Tembi who just finished eating and K2 tidying up, he used his knowledge and powers of persuasion which encouraged Tembi to sit in a relaxed position.

K2 saw Tembi was willing to sit still and listen to what he had to share about their former relationship and broke the ice by telling her he was told to stay away from her. 

He did not sound condescending or arrogant about the matter as he told her Chelsea was one of their reasons for their fallout. He said always made up her own conclusions and she once told Soxx that he should be careful because they liked each other.

K2 told Tembi that he respects her decision for breaking their friendship because he has done things in the house that warranted her trust. 

Their relationship caused a lot of problems with their partners and you could see these two missed their conversation. 

He told her, when he wanted to kiss her it was not a joke but now he was a changed man and had to focus on his game and his relationship with Blue and the Duchess asked him to stay away from her.

He got into more details about his relationship with Blue and said he has done a lot for her and once promised the Duchess he will take her to the finals. 

He promised in one of their diary sessions, Tembi jokingly said he also promised her to take her to finals and she said if he didn’t do what he did from the beginning, the Royals would have been out of the game by now. 

K2 talked about his emotional diary session with Blue and told Tembi that he need Blue on his side and how happy he always need to keep her.

Blue kissed Soxx on Thursday night and they were not happy with that and Tembi said she did not understand why she kissed him. Tembi mentioned K2 weight and how sometimes he looks skinny and sometimes buffed up and how they enjoyed physical exercises and he thought Tembi was a tough cookie. They were so happy together and talked about their early days in the house and made fun of other housemates.

Surprisingly during their conversation they mentioned Ace and Ntombi and K2 said he cannot imagine the pair being heads of house and thought Ntombi carried the partnership because she was boring, had a lot of spank and would not let anyone put her down, they also thought she was smart and the public loved her more than Ace.

K2 said he did not want to spoil what the viewers liked and that was her partnership with Blue. They were interrupted by Biggie with his Friday Night Games. There’s eight more days to go so we wonder if they will continue with their intense conversation. 

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