May 05, 2015

What Happened To Mbali, Chelsea, Soxx And Tembi's Conspiracy?

As the game started to heat up, life inside the Big Brother Mzansi house also became a little harder and that's when we saw Chelsea, Mbali, Soxx and Tembi teaming up as partners.

And if you remember very well, a few weeks ago both pairs snicked into the conspiracy booth to plot their game plan going forwards.

Atleast these four housemates agreed in a moment of over confidence that they would save one another and drive K2 and Blue out, since they believed they were a threat. They promised each other, rather ambitiously, to keep the other till the final week.

All of that ended before it even began as Mbali and Chelsea often found themselves in K2 and Blue’s team during Head of House challenges. They also forgot about the pact as they proceeded to nominate Soxx and Tembi more and more.

Eventually both pairs were throwing each other under the bus with no love lost and the most interesting thing is that they are both up on the chopping block this week, it's however just a matter of time that we get to know which leaves the Big Brother Mzansi this week.

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