May 03, 2015

Week 6 Nominees Have Their Eviction Dairy Sessions

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Short of the moment Lungile asks pairs to stand during the live eviction show, the final diary session also often proves to be a tough time for housemates as the reality of the night’s pending live eviction finally dawns on them.

Today however the eviction diary session wasn’t all doom and gloom for most of the couples as they put on a brave face for Biggie.

First up were Ace and Ntombi who were as bubbly as ever, with Ntombi summing up their emotions when she proclaimed that 'God has a plan for everything'. Rather than focusing on their woes, they chose to discuss the antics of their fellow housemates including Kay’s prank that almost caused K2 a heart attack.

Speaking of K2, he and Blue weren’t quite as jovial when it came to their diary session. The pair was visibly anxious about the live eviction show and Blue didn’t mince her words when she told Biggie his ‘fake swap’ was a “sick Joke.”

On the other hand though, a usually nervous Kay was all smiles as her and Pumba recapped their week. She started by apologizing to Pumba in case her prank had given him false hope for a moment then she turned to Biggie and revealed how she regrets pressing the buzzer that reset the week. Not one to let her carry unnecessary guilt, Pumba reassured his partner that in his eyes she was a hero for having the courage to push the button no one else would. The pair also touched on their near separation and touched on how they thought Blue’s reaction was inappropriate and rude. All in all though they told Biggie that they couldn’t help but be scared of the outcome of the night.

The last nominees, Chelsea and Mbali joined the jovial faction of housemates on the chopping block. Mbali described her mood as calm while Chelsea chimed that even if they were to be evicted they were ecstatic that they’d made it this far. The girls then wrapped up their diary session with a heartfelt thank you to everyone from the fans to even the production team that had put the show together.

It’s never easy bidding the house farewell but sadly, that’s the way the cookie crumbles. Who are you hoping to see spend another week in the house?

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