May 02, 2015

Week 6: Big Brother Mzansi Time Bomb

This week (Week 6) did in fact come with a lot of controversy and even more madness. It all started with a mysterious clock. 

On Monday morning housemates were surprised to find a digital clock device with a red button atop. The clock was in fact a timer and it was counting down the days and hours to this Friday at 17:00, when the it would re-set the entire week and chuck out all the Non Sense right out.

The clock sparked a whole lot of speculation and debate about what it all meant. Theories sprung out from every which direction with Chelsea being the most vocal about hers. She strongly believed that whoever pressed the red button buzzer would get to see their loved ones.

Pumba’s take was closer though. He predicted that something would happen that would turn the game on its head.

Non-Sense Week had been one entertaining but taxing task after a task from the viewers. Housemates collectively heaved a huge sigh of relief. It did, however mean that some accomplishments of the week would fall by the way side.

The following was reset and deleted:

Sunday and Monday’s nominations
Monday’s Head of House title
Monday’s Head of House save and replace
Monday’s nomination announcement
Lastly, the newly-formed pairs K2 and Kay as well as Pumba and Blue

Thank goodness the reshuffling of pairs was just a prank from the viewers. Blue was elated. She broke down during the Double or Nothing challenge this morning. K2 and Blue were still a pair and so were Pumba and Kay.

The reset also threw everyone back to zero. A Head of House challenge was going to determine who won the title and who was up for eviction. Tembi and Soxx scooped it for the second time around and won themselves immunity. There was, however, no save and replace.

Voting lines are now open.

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