May 05, 2015

The Top Four Pairs This Season Open Up To Biggie

Housemates walked into their diary sessions with a skip and song. It was good to have made it this far, but there was a way to go. The general sentiment was gratitude. Gratitude to viewers for keeping them in and The Royals thanked each other for being so perfect. But of course.

Tembi and Soxx were first in as Soxx confessed that he blamed himself for Ace and Ntombi losing the Head of House challenge. He wanted them to win so badly, since they were the only couple who hadn’t even tasted the experience of being in the position.

Tembi also held thumbs for them and reckoned it would have been nice for her, Soxx, Ace and Ntombi to make it to the finale. An interesting turn for Tembi as she never hid that Ntombi sometimes got on her nerves.

The Royals were a completely different picture from last week. The adorned Blue that we had come to know was back and their royal romance was revived, especially following their Head of House win. They couldn’t stop professing their supposed love for one another.

They were also congratulated each other for being, what they were sure, was the power couple. The Royals clearly meant business.

Ace and Ntombi were also in chirper spirits for their diary sessions. They laughed about how the Head of House thrown always eluded them but were elated to see another week. Ntombi shared an unsettling dream she had where she and Ace bade farewell Kay and Pumba. It disturbed her that the dream actually came to pass.

Mbali and Chelsea concluded the diary sessions. They were glad to have contributed to Blue and K2’s Head of House win yesterday. It was also a pat on the back that K2 always preferred them to be in his team. He clearly saw them as competition but appreciated their strengths. Chelsea confessed to missing Pumba’s presence in the house and looked forward to sharing a drink with him on the outside.

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