May 02, 2015

Tembi Proves Why She's Head Of House

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We all know that Tembi and Soxx really had a very reign as Heads of House when they first scooped the title from under K2 and Blue’s nose. Thankfully though the pair gets to right their wrongs with another go at the crown.

The past night after the house was reset, the lovers managed to once again win Head of House when they annihilated Pumba and Kay in the raw egg drinking challenge. 

Today in the morning they were then treated to a spa date from Biggie as a reward for their accomplishment however the shadow of their tumultuous previous HoH reign remained with them.

Soxx's lady love Tembi was not about to let their previous mistakes make a return with their current tenure so once the pleasantries of the spa were done she took it upon herself to get things going in the house. 

Starting outside, she picked up empty bottles and aligned furniture while everyone else lounged around.

Undeterred by the lack of help, she then moved to the kitchen where she did dishes, wiped floors and scrubbed the stove. Soxx briefly joined her but only to offer moral support and didn’t lift a finger. Perhaps he hadn’t caught onto what his partner was trying to achieve with her new found vigour.

Although her work largely went unnoticed, Chelsea eventually questioned why she was doing the dishes when it was the boys’ duty to tackle them the previous night. 

Tembi responded by explaining that the rules had changed and chores would no longer be split based on gender.

No one has opposed Tembi’s laying down of the law and even better yet, there haven’t been any complaints either about the HoHs, so maybe their new strategy just might work.

Do you think Soxx and Tembi will do a better job at running the house this time round?

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