May 02, 2015

Tembi And Soxx Win Week 6 HOH

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Soxx and Tembi won Head of House for the second time and boy was it an eggy affair. The pair went head-to-head with Pumba and Kay and emerged victors in an egg drinking competition for the title.

Pumba & Kay, Tembi & Soxx as well as K2 & Blue landed themselves as spot in the third round and step closer to the big win.

In the third round housemates had to nod their heads up, down and all around, as of their lives depended on it. At least their livelihoods inside the game did, and the housemates clearly knew it as they bobbed their heads frantically.

With their heads strapped inside a pedometer, the goal was to rack up as many nods as possible to move on to the finals. Kay took the most nods at 145 with Tembi trailing behind her at 137. K2 couldn’t beat that and cost Blue and himself a place in the final round.

The final round was for the brave and not so easily nauseated. It wasn’t called the egg-lympics for no reason. Here, pairs were handed a tray of over a dozen eggs each and instructed to crack an egg, pour it in and drink up. Swallowing the entire egg housemates were not allowed to puke it out in any gross shape or form.

While Tembi tried her best and forced five eggs down her throat, Kay simply couldn’t keep the slimy thing down, bowing out at two eggs. Pumba also put up a fight but it was Soxx’s seamless and effortless work that won he and Tembi the day. Guzzling down a bunch of raw eggs was no contest for him.

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