May 09, 2015

Soxx And Tembi Receive Their Spa Treatment

 Soxx was never short for words. This may be why he did so well with his rap verse for their song Ball Out. He in face came up with the words to the entire chorus. He was indeed a lyrical genius of sorts.

He had also won last night’s Friday Night Games with his partner and lover Tembi. The crazy couple walked away with a sweet R50,000, but that wasn’t all. They scored doubly and were treated to a relaxing treat at the spa this morning.

Tembi dragged herself out of bed as she – and the rest of the dog-tired – were exhausted from shooting the music video until all hours of the morning. Soxx, on the other extreme, was on cloud nine.
The chirper chap skipped into his session with a spring in his step. Like a rambunctious little wild child he joked about, chatted up Biggie masseuses and was a general ball of energy. In contrast Tembi couldn’t even keep her eyes open let alone entertain any conversation.

When their session was up he thanked the lovely ladies and dashed to the garden for his ultimate elixir; that much needed smoke break.

The rest could’ve done well with a drink from Soxx’s fountain of exuberance. The question was, however, did Soxx get it all this morning?

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