May 09, 2015

Some Outcomes Of “Ball Out” Video Shoot

Last night was absolutely bonkers as the housemates got to live out their dreams. The lights shone bright and the cameras rolled as the “Ball Out” video came to life.

In the spirit of making the video the best there is, there were a plethora of props and material used to create scenes that ranged from poker scenes to a full-fledged parties. Of course all this was shot in the confines of the house and as the saying goes, after the party it’s not the after-party but rather a whole lot of cleaning up

This morning the housemates were greeted by a scene of pure carnage as debris and dirt from last night’s shoot lay sprawled across the floor and under the furniture. It was certainly no easy task getting the house back in shape and with fatigue reigning supreme, no one seemed up to the challenge.

Heads of House K2 and Blue tried their luck but were defeated as the feathers just kept piling up no matter how much they swept. They also weren’t helped by the fact that everyone else chose to sleep throughout the entire day.

Eventually after the rest of the gang awoke, there was a little more muscle to make things presentable but even then the dirt just seemed to be a too much to handle.

Although it’s certainly looking better than this morning, with the Shap Shap party going down later tonight, the housemates might just find things slipping back to square one.

But all’s well that ends well

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