May 02, 2015

Ntombi Tells Her Unbelievable Stories As Boredom Hits The House

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Today Ace's lady love Ntombi decided to tell fake untrue stories and Chelsea noticed she was lying but did not ask questions about stories.  She told housemates that her trip at the zoo, she once slept with a bear.  

She also said she once slept on snow and was rescued by a helicopter and was even on TV. Being locked up in one place can make you senseless. Even Ace told her baby that she watches too much movies.

Chelsea told her on her face that she was blatantly lying and they were not that gullible to believe her. Being locked up in one place can sometimes make you lose the ability to think clearly and you can easily make up stories. 

Isolation is good for your consciousness, even Tembi and Kay had a bonding session and spoke about how she respected her mom as she let her get away with a lot. We've never seen Kay having a one on one with one of the ladies in the house.

Because there was nothing to do, Chelsea and Mbali played dress up and spent hours infront of the mirror putting on makeup. Weird things have been happening in the house with Ntombi having a lot of energy drinks that made her look bombed and she was all hyperactive. 

Chelsea and Blue had a discussion about tomorrow’s eviction and expressed how they were nervous about them. In Chelsea’s mind, she told Blue viewers started voting on Monday and Biggie was just playing with them.

When housemates entered the house, they were forced to adapt to the situation, deprived of their privacy but transformation began as it helped them find themselves. 

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