May 03, 2015

Mbali, Tembi And Blue Are Strengthening Their Friendship Day By Day

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following last night’s all black party, the trouble makers were all very exhausted as most of them decided to go to bed early. 

The guys played cards as Mbali resumed with her story telling. This girl never runs out of stories, “stories for Africa” but it helped cheer up her new bff’s Tembi and Blue and some housemates who were up for eviction and relieve the day’s stresses and strains. Tembi and Blue are always ready to listen.

Or was this a rebound effect where alcohol was in full effect and made them sleepy, maybe they should avoid it when it’s close to bedtime. 

Tembi has become very close with Mbali and Blue now bff’s in the house, poor Chelsea felt left. After an hour of crazy dancing, Ntombi decided to spend some quality time with her new bff Chelsea. They spent some time in her bed and shared stories about how they missed their moms.

Mbali tried by all means to avoid Chelsea last night and we wonder how she feels about Tembi and Mbali’s booming friendship as they are spending more and more time together.  The guys tried to be strong and enjoyed their possibly last night in the house.

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