May 03, 2015

Mbali Or Blue, Who Has The Best Hair?

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Housemates were always nervous about Sundays since it was the day that would either propel them further into the game or, more likely, bring it to a devastating end. 

The only thing to look forward to was sitting in the hairdressers chair for a new hairdo ahead of the eviction show. When you look good you feel good and housemates always needed that on a day like this.

The ladies always looked especially forward but today wasn’t quite as uplifting for Mbali. For Blue however, it was a full circle moment. 

She had gone from a sexy siren with her new curly mane to a plain Jane when she agreed to remove her weave for the ‘Say Yes’ challenge. All in a non-sensical week’s work. She, out of all the girls, seemed to need a make-over the most.

But when Mbali was first to the hairdresser’s she was ruffled to learn that the new hair extensions were reserved only for Blue. She stormed off to bed feeling it all very unfair indeed.

There was always an underlying sense of competition between Blue and Mbali. They were more alike than different and even owned a couple of the same items. 

Blue always called herself a queen while Mbali had arguably become used to being the prettiest among the girls with all the compliments she was often showered with.

A girl’s hair is her crowning glory, but were the girls letting this sentiment get to their heads?

In other news, Pumba seemed to be rubbing off on Chelsea. She had helped herself to a pack of cigarettes that didn’t belong to her and was sitting on that fact as she bickered over a drag with Kay and Ace during their time at the salon. Pumba did the same in the first couple of weeks. Would anyone catch her out? 

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