May 10, 2015

Mbali Kills It Off In The Best Shap Shap Party So Far

What better way to embrace the spirit of Double Trouble than a set of twins to rock the Shap Shap party?

With just eight housemates left, the Shap Shap party expectedly started off rather slowly but it wasn’t long before the energy levels shot through the roof. Lead by the sweet sounds of twin DJs, Major League, the party was all the way turnt up in no time

Even the cautious Mbali let it all hang out this evening when she twerked up a storm to her favourite tunes. Ntombi also took a page from her book and busted out the moves when the DJs dropped “Upgrade You” by Beyonce and Jay Z. Perhaps she saw herself and Ace as the 2015 Bonnie and Clyde.

The housemates were also on their best behaviour as they sipped on their beverages responsibly. It was good clean found all round and not an ounce of debauchery from the lot that can get rather wild after one too many.

In the end though the hour wasn’t long enough as the DJs had to drop their last song just as the party was heating up even more with Mbali's slyza tsotsi moves. 

It’s just a little sad though that Ace didn’t wear the onsie to the party.

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