May 16, 2015

Live Feed: Day 55

15:30  Ace asks Chelsea what would she do if Biggie would announce they have one more week to go and her answer was “oh he cannot do that to me”.

15:15 Ace comes back from the shower and smokes with Chelsea.

15:00  Chelsea is awake and is sitting outside smoking alone while some are sleeping and Ntombi is taking a shower.

14:15  Ntombi and Ace are about to take a shower and Ntombi tells him she's wearing her new dress and shoes tomorrow. She asks him if people will laugh at her on stage and he should not laugh with them.

14:00  They talking about tonight's finale party and Ntombi says she will put on her pink mascara.

13:45  Chelsea takes a snooze.

13:30  They reflect on the family phone calls and Ace says that people probably mistake Ntombi's sister with her and maybe ask her if she's out of the house already. Blue talks about how Skhokho is a child celebrity now and maybe gets yoghurt from people.

13:15  They discuss number plates and how they different, the colour coding and the way pronvince register. Blue says she got hers done in Johannesburg where you can get anything done quickly.

13:00  Mbali the fact that her bum is saw and she explains to housemate to get rid of muscle aches is through cardio. Ntombi says Blue must use her imagination to pretending to be jogging.

12:45  Mbali is about partying and how DJ's get invited and play every hour. She was once invited to some party as an extra, spring break they drank for four days with no sleep.

12:30  Ntombi is quiet and everyone is telling stories.

12:15 Housemates are all done and they chilling outside.

12:00 After being pampered, Ntombi tells Ace how she feels good about herself, feels like she's changed and a new person.

11:30  Ace and K2 are sleeping, pecks of being touched by golden hands.

11:00  It’s their turn to get massaged and instead of just keeping quiet and relaxing, Ace has a conversation with the masseuse and tells her about the difficult tasks they’ve done in the house.

10:45  The boys are done with their nail and they go outside to dry them. It's the girls turn to get them done.

10:30  All the final pairs are enjoying their treat especially Ace who had a big smile on his face.

10:15  Ace and K2 get their nails done while the girls get their massages.

10:00  Biggie calls Chelsea to the diary room and all finalists will be pampered this morning.

09:15  When housemates wake up this morning, how will they beat the Saturday morning blues.

09:00  Housemates are still sleeping after an excting night where they had a ball with their favourite Mzansi celebrities.

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