May 01, 2015

Life Is Hardening In The Big Brother Mzansi House

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It was all fun and games after the Double or Nothing Challenge as they took out their cards and played while others fooled around with marbles. It was all about keeping it fun and easy for most of them as they acted like nothing happened.

HoH was called in to get their linen but did not come down to collect it as they were still sobbing from being separated and some housemates remained confused as to who was HoH since the Royals were split up. 

They were all smiles and laughter acting like nothing was wrong, maybe Kay and Pumba were about putting everything aside and being strong for their new partners.

Kay pressed the countdown buzzer and it went on and all housemates were summoned by Biggie to the garden till further notice. 

They discussed what it meant pressing and its repercussions and Abo Baby laughed about the siren going on and on not realising the week will be resettled.  They thought maybe their partnership will be saved and Ntombi thought everything was just going wrong today.

When they went back into the house, the timer was gone and Soxx kept on asking Kay what she had done but that amused Kay as always as she could not stop laughing.

It’s okay to cry and laugh, maybe the Royals needed the wakeup call and should learn a thing or two from Pumba and Kay as they struggled to come to terms with their Monarchy being destroyed. 

Kay also jokingly said, “If K2 leaves the house, it means there’s something wrong with me”. This girl never takes anything seriously and nothing can put her down except for cigarette.

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