May 01, 2015

Kay secretly Enjoyed Her Cigarettes

Deprivation is not easy. Be it sleep, food or even tobacco, the inability to have what you want the most can drive a sane person crazy.

Thanks to the ‘Say Yes’ challenge, Soxx was one of the first housemates to have his beloved smokes taken away from him for a few days. But despite a shaky start that involved moping around the house and sleeping for as long as possible, Soxx persevered and ended up flourishing like he’d never had a smoke in his life.

Kay on the other hand wasn’t so lucky. After also being challenged to not smoke until Friday, the loud lady could barely last a moment without complaining. Eventually she couldn’t take it any longer and after the task presentation she seemed to finally give in to the temptation.

While everyone else celebrated winning the wager, Kay snuck off to behind the couches on the patio. She then covered herself with a blanket and proceeded to smoke in the most creative way ever. It was virtually impossible to tell what she was doing at first but a few stolen glances to check the coast sold her out.

Despite it being a clear break of her commitment, the daring Kay even moved her operation to the garden where she was eventually joined by Chelsea who couldn’t hide her curiosity and helped her steal a puff or two.

It may be against the promise she made to the viewers but you have to commend her on her creativity. Should we just let Kay start smoking again?

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