May 01, 2015

Kay Really Misses Her Ciggarettes

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Everyone who smokes has a smoking trigger especially when they denied their cigarettes mostly in the morning and we saw Kay having a rough time and struggles to concentrate.  Tension and morning cravings built up on Kay and some housemates thought she was sick but told them, all she needed was a cigarette. All she needs to do is to try and her hands busy and do some house chore and not be angry at other housemates.

Ever since the game started, Chelsea and Mbali never gave up without a challenge and have won almost all the challenges and even banked a lot of cash. Last night Chelsea became jealous of Ace and Ntombi when they won and it was not the first time she felt that way. 

Her partner Mbali has always told her to be happy for what they have and accomplished and be happy for other because nothing could block. The girls have put a high value for their hard work and it has been easy for Chelsea to react the way she did since everyone was going through the same involvements. 

We all know that flings are fun and are fantastic for the ego especially when you locked inside the house with other people and could be entertaining for you and your partner.  Last night we also saw Pumba letting his guard down and pursued his relationship with Chelsea. Casual relationships always evolve into something more than just pillow talk and it’s still not clear if their relationship is to move up the chain.

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