May 19, 2015

Kay Admits That She Lied About Tycoon Mcineka

Big Brother Mzansi Double Trouble contestant Keitumetse Kay Mariti lied about the owner of a popular Soweto shisa nyama Panyaza Mcineka of being an intellectual property thief.

Kay dropped a bombshell during her stay in the Big Brother Mzansi house when she accused Mcineka of being an intellectual property thief.

The Soweto-born Mariti alleged she approached Mcineka (62) to propose that they open a metered taxi service for patrons who would prefer to be dropped off at home should they overindulge in the giggle-water.

Mariti, who said she was an administration officer at the SAPS Gauteng headquarters in Parktown, Joburg, claimed Mcineka rejected the concept but to her shock andchagrin, he later introduced Panyaza Take Me Home” metered taxi service.

But it appeared Mariti manufactured the claim to garner public sympathy she hoped would shield her from eviction from the house.

An investigation by Sunday World revealed Mcineka does not operate any metered taxi service.
In visits to the establishment over two weekends, Sunday World observed drunk patrons hitch hiking for lifts or driving themselves.

There were no marked taxis on the premises and employees said there was no such service at the busy butchery.

Mariti said: Yoh, I made that up, just to pass time in the house. I was joking yoh, you guys take everything serious[ly].”

Mcineka, a former press photographer, rubbished Mariti’s claims. Those allegations are not true. Nobody approached me or my business partner Zwelonke Zikalala about a metered taxi service for our patrons and I don’t even have a business of that nature,” he said.

Mcineka said he would like to know why Mariti lied about him, I would one day like to meet Kay so I can ask her why she chose to lie about an old man like me. That girl has guts and she’s brave, I’m an old man, I can’t steal people’s ideas,” he said furiously. 

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