May 12, 2015

K2 Opens Up About His Relation With Blue

Big Brother Mzansi Season 2 has been an incredible series and we have seen too much exciting people with drama.

Last night was all about celebrating as housemates dined and talked about their good old days and they even toasted for making it to top three. Biggie supplied them with alcohol and they were so excited and even poored some vodka on the floor to thank their ancestors and surprisingly that was Chelsea’s idea.

K2 and Ace spoke about Blue and how he never had feelings for her when he got into the house. The time he went into the diary room wanting to leave the house, he revealed that he never wanted to leave but to ask Biggie if he could give Pumba his power of immunity. He promised to take the Duchess to the finals and that was all about that. He expressed his gratitude for making it to the finals and said he never doubted himself and was always prepared for the worst even when he was once nominated. He said when he got into the house, he never had a strategy and Blue was never part of his plans and will never apologise for falling for someone.

K2 said he entered Big Brother to win and not stay in the house for a week or two and also said, when you put your mind at something, everything falls into place. Will they continue with their relationship on the outside world?

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  1. Me personally I have notice Blue had that little love for K2 after she noticed they winning HOH and K2 wasnt inlove but now they are in finals K2 developed love for Blue but Blue is faking playing* incase game*but Blue has her own plans for outside world not to be with K2 no never.Blue is chasing money if you dont have you out of here life thats my opinion and the way I see things cause everyday im watching on strategies im Biggies fan